The Bloom Show With Molly Mullins - Executive Vice President of WFFSA

Molly Mullins speaks about embracing novelty and trying new concepts, which include wholesaler discussion groups tackling margins, logistics, supply chain, and more.

By: THURSD. | 30-03-2022 | 3 min read
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The Bloom Show has covered the WFFSA event in detail. The Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association’s 2022 Floral Distribution Conference (FDC) was held in Miami, FL, from March 7th to 9th. The theme was 'Breaking Boundaries, Bridging Divides'. It brought floral industry leaders together for three days of networking and education.

Whether it was Sahid Nahim from New Bloom Solutions or Williee Armellini from Flowers & Cents speaking to Molly Mullins, the Executive Vice President of the WFFSA, there was a lot to unfold and many great insights into the industry as a whole. Overall, The Bloom Show with Flowers & Cents WFFSA Live edition succeeded in doing what it does best – bringing people in the floral industry together to have interesting conversations.

Molly Mullins - Executive Vice President of WFFSA

The Bloom Show spoke to Molly Mullins, for six years the Executive Vice President, about WFFSA’s collaborative Floral Distribution Conference. One of the most important things discussed was that the 2022 conference was bursting at the seams. While the last FDC had fewer attendees, the 2022 conference saw pre-pandemic numbers.



Speed Networking Event

Molly also spoke about embracing novelty and trying new concepts, which included wholesaler discussion groups tackling margins, logistics, supply chain, and more. There was also a speed networking event, of which Nahim was a part. The event was comfortable yet full of energy and allowed industry talent to connect and strengthen their ties.

Breaking Boundaries - Bridging Divides

Mullins also elaborated on the theme, 'Breaking Boundaries, Bridging Divides' and how WFFSA wanted to get those in the floral industry out of their supply chain silos. Instead of focusing on just retailers or wholesalers, they encouraged participants to share information, connect, and bridge gaps. The wholesaler-florist connection and cooperation between the two parties has been integral during the pandemic and continues to be the driving force behind businesses and their success.


Molly Mullins - Executive Vice President in an Interview at The Bloom Show - on Thursd


Q.: Breaking Boundaries, Bridging Divides? What do you mean by that?


"During the pandemic, we saw florists going a lot of extra miles to make sure their business would keep running, and what they all agreed on when you asked about their experiences is that they couldn't have done it without their wholesalers. All parts of the chain are intertwined: so one can not do it without another. Our new campaign The Flower Movement is on the role: #oneflowerfamily. With floral demand at an all-time high and challenged with disruptions across the entire supply chain, we hope The Flower Movement can serve as a platform where our collective stories can be told and our successes shared. So much good is being done in and around our local communities with flowers."


Next year’s WFFSA FDC will be also be held at The Doral in Miami and will focus on finding even more ways to help the floral industry collaborate and join forces for the better.

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