The First Two Begonia Spacestars by Beekenkamp Have Landed

Out of this world, into your living space.

By: THURSD. | 17-10-2022 | 3 min read
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Begonia varieties Beekenkamp header on Thursd

This Begonia Spacestars launch by Beekenkamp will take you on a spatial journey and let you live a mysterious experience with the presence of their leaves alone. Let's jump into this begonia adventure together.

Begonia Spacestars by Beekenkamp Are Ready to Take You Out of This World

Upon the first encounter with these mysterious and rare gems, Beekenkamp likes to say that these Begonia Spacestars will embark you on a path out of this world into your living space. They're like nothing you've ever seen, with an infrequent and odd shape and color.


Begonia Spacestars recent drop by Beekenkamp on Thursd


What Makes Spacestars Unique Among the Rest of Plants?

There are lots of important characteristics that make the distinctive Begonia Maia and Begonia Avior stand out from the crowd. These unique leaf begonias are based on the attractiveness and recognizable components of the cosmos, which are comparable to the traits of the plant. Simply observe the leaves and you'll know what Beekenkamp is referring to.



They seem different depending on the lighting which is an even more attractive feature of the plant. The universe and its stars, which shine, sparkle, and twinkle, are reflected in the Spacestars' color pallet. Best of all, this begonia is here to help fill in and complement your house decor to make it look fuller, and more voluminous, and give it a very different touch.

Introducing the First Two Spacestars

Whichever one you choose, we can only say they are both great options if you want to add a more curious look to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Begonia Spacestars bred by Beekenkamp are a galaxial marvel. Meet two of the begonia collection, with various to come soon!


Beekenkamp Begonia Spacestars Banner on Thursd


1. Begonia Maia

Although they are both begonia spacestars, they do in fact look quite different, being one of the reasons why plant fans are loving them so much. The Begonia Maia has a very interesting color distribution and combination throughout the plant.


Begonia Spacestar Maia variety on Thursd
Begonia Maia


It opens its main plant part with an olive-grayish-green color with magnificent, noticeable plant veins, and finishes off its borders with a surrounding dark red-pink tone. This is definitely what captures the eyes of viewers and what will cause a sensational difference when placed in any spot at home.

2. Begonia Avior

On the other hand, Begonia Avior is a completely dark green plant featuring folding leaves from the inside out. If you are seeking to add more texture, volume, and versatility to indoor and outdoor spaces, this plant will certainly comply with its duty.


Begonia Spacestar Avior variety on Thursd
Begonia Avior


Special Characteristics of Begonia Spacestars by Beekenkamp

  • These distinguished plants are suitable for small and large pot sizes ranging from 12 to 17cm.
  • The Begonia Spacestars are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making them double-perfection!
  • Given the trendy green plant styles that most people love having nowadays, the Begonia Spacestars fit completely and perfectly into the trend.


Two latest begonia varieties launched by Beekenkamp on Thursd


  • Another double benefit is the plant's ability to thrive and survive in both the sun and shade.
  • If you accidentally forget to water the plant for a few days, there's no trouble. The plant will recover itself when it is watered again.


Begonia Spacestars Beekenkamp on Thursd


These are the basic care handles to see any of these two begonia spacestars grow and maintain a healthy appearance. Which one are you going for? Begonia Maia or Begonia Avior? They'll both take you on a spatial journey!

Learn more about Begonia Spacestars series at the Beekenkamp website.



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