The Snowstorm+ Rose - Your Go-To Flower To Unfold or Reflex

Everything you need to know about the reflexing flower technique

By: THURSD. | 09-12-2020 | 3 min read
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You know those florists you follow online that make you wonder how they make their roses look so big and bold? Whilst the presence of the florist profession online is more common these days - and coming with that the sharing of outstanding designs - there are luckily still techniques and skills to share that can ‘wow’ you away. Reflexing roses (an unfolding technique of the rose petals) is the technique to turn tighter-looking rosebuds into big bold flowers. But how is it done and which type of flowers lend themselves to this new technique?

The Perfect Rose to Reflex

Reflexing flowers like roses is one of the new favorite ways to enhance the natural beauty of a flower. It’s an old-school idea making a comeback and let the newby rose Snowstorm+ just be the ideal partner in crime for this skill that makes your design just eye-poppingly beautiful. The new to the market white beauty of a rose has fine delicate petals that are soft to the touch and easy to unf With its slightly opened crumpled heart, the Snowstorm+ rose is your absolute go-to flower to reflex.

The paper-light structure of the Snowstorm+ petals makes that you're just a few simple steps away from transforming your rose into a focal point flower.

Inspired by Nature - Lis Art - design Snowstorm blog on Thursd
Reflexed - or unfolded - Snowstorm+ roses

How To Best Practice the 'Pop'

Folding back the petals of a rose comes with a light and delicate sound of a 'pop'. It's the popping of the petal that creates the reflexed style of the outer ring of petals of the rose. There are a few simple tips to master the technique: -Blow into your flower to soften the center and loosen up the petals -Starting from the outside, carefully unfold your petals back -Pop (lightly crack) at the base of the rosepetal to unfold -Make sure to leave the petals in the center intact, so it still has the shape of a rose -Don't think traditional or symmetrical, let the rose speak for its own form and pop the petals that best suit the required setting With this technique, it's normally key to use roses that have aged just a bit, not the crispy and brand new ones. The Snowstorm+ rose, however, comes with a softer and more open heart than your average (white) rose and therefore it can be used almost right after receiving it in your store or studio. This white beauty doesn't let you wait, it lets you create.

Lis Art - design Snowstorm blog - reflexed rose and lisa-maria Lisa-Maria Thalmayr (Lis Art
) with her unfolded Snowstorm+ rose design

A Focal Point Flower

A reflexed Snowstorm+ rose takes designs into another universe entirely – from floral arrangements as we have known them to actual living pieces of art. With this technique, you choose a few roses to make the focal point in your design. Floral designers Lisa-Maria Thalmayr and Claudia Tararache show how to use the reflexing technique on the petals of the Snowstorm+ rose. In her designer blog, Romance Is in the Air, Claudi Tararache shows how unfolding petals really allows you to use the rose in different creations. By unfolding the petals, it automatically acquires a very romantic air.

Romance is in the Air Claudia Tararache Snowstorm+ Design Romance Is in the Air
by Claudia Tararache

Lisa-Maria Thalmayr of Lis Art elaborates on the unfolding technique in her designer blog "Create a more natural touch by unfolding the petals of a rose".  She discusses the interesting fact that we often not give our customers or ourselves the pleasure of enjoying the fully opened version of a flower. Lisa-Maria's design helps us with changing that mindset. Seeing the whole process of growth of a flower is so important to her.

"One of the techniques I love is to unfold a rose. It is like meditating. With every petal, the flower opens more up to its natural form. Manipulating flowers for designs is not a new technique, it has been in floristry for a while" shared Lisa-Maria.



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