Create a More Natural Touch by Unfolding the Petals of a Rose

A perfect scene with the Snowstorm+ rose

By: LISA-MARIA THALMAYR | 09-12-2020 | 2 min read
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Working with flowers has always been about being inspired by nature. When we look at all those grown fresh flowers, they are all the same. They look the same; every stem is straight. Sometimes, they are just too perfect. This is why I love the idea of unfolding the petals of a rose. It gives the rose a more natural touch. As if she were a wild rose in the garden.   Inspired by Nature - Lis Art - design Snowstorm blog - quote on Thursd

A Rose with Imperfect Perfection

It's interesting that we often not give our customers or ourselves the pleasure of enjoying the fully opened version of a flower. This design can help us with that mindset. Seeing the whole process of growth of a flower is so important.  

Inspired by Nature - Lis Art - design Snowstorm blog on Thursd - lisart
Lisa- Maria Thalmayr

  There's not just one perfect flower. It represents all the stages; from opening, fully blooming to the part where she's going to dry and transforms into new forms and colors.   Inspired by Nature - Lis Art - Snowstorm blog on Thursd

  So it is a healthy thing to see that there are imperfect and funny growing flowers, like everybody around you. All the shapes and forms in its imperfect perfection.  


Unfolding the Petals. Unfolding Yourself.

One of the techniques I love is to unfold a rose. It is like meditating. With every petal, the flower opens more up to its natural form. Manipulating flowers for designs is not a new technique, it has been in floristry for a while.     Inspired by Nature - Lis Art - design Snowstorm blog on Thursd - design on pedistile   As people are more and more unaware of how important nature is to them. With our designs, we create a way to re-connect with our own nature again. Watch the video on how this technique of unfolding a rose (or 'flexing' a rose) comes together with the Snowstorm+ rose:  


Snowstorm Design

With this design, I wanted to create an opulent and romantic vibe. While working with the Snowstorm+ rose, it was snowing like crazy outside. This created the perfect scene. For a moment, every part of the design melted together. The roses in the window light, the snow, and the beautiful double windows of this elderly building in Switzerland.  

Inspired by Nature - Lis Art - design Snowstorm rose on thursd
Snowstorm+ rose

  Lis Art - design Snowstorm blog - reflexed rose and lisa-maria Lisa-Maria Thalmayr Photographer & Designer: Model: Sofia Castrignano

Lisa-Maria Thalmayr profile picture
Lisa-Maria Thalmayr

Lisa-Maria Thalmayr is an artist and international floral designer based in Salzburg, Austria. Her work is inspired and influenced by nature. With her trade LIS ART, she's working in various fields. She is teaching students on their way to becoming floral designers.


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