Traders All Over Europe Choose Rose Albatros

This is a testimonial from three big wholesale buyers who give their opinions and freely talk about their experiences.

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Rose Albatros

Rose Albatros is a popular Rose all over Europe. Most of these flowers are distributed via the Dutch hub of Fresco Flowers, which sees the flowers being bought by big exporting wholesalers and their customers both directly and through the auction clocks.

This is a testimonial from three big wholesale buyers who give their opinions and freely talk about their experiences with this big-headed white rose from breeder Kordes Rosen.

Via the Auction Clocks Across Europe

Rose buyers and handlers from three big exporting wholesalers comment on the remarkably high popularity of Rose Albatros among their customers. These buyers do catch some batches themselves regularly, but they also see their KOA* customers directly purchase this rose in taller lengths at the clocks of the Royal FloraHolland auctions in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg, and Naaldwijk.

*KOA is a Dutch abbreviation that stands for 'Kopen Op Afstand'. This translates into 'Remote Purchase'. KOA is an online software program that lets flower buyers anywhere in the world purchase directly at the clocks of Royal FloraHolland. Handling is then often taken care of by Dutch flower exporters with a location in and around these auctions.


Kordes Rose Albatros by Dolinaroz
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Traders About Rose Albatros

Here is a selection of comments from some of the biggest buyers of Rose Albatros.

Astra Fund - Egis Kunisgis

For more than thirty years, Astra Fund Holland BV has been one of the leading suppliers of high-quality and low-priced cut flowers and potted plants from Holland to all countries of Europe and the world. The company runs its business directly with all flower auctions in the Netherlands and collaborates closely with growers and suppliers of greens and ferns.

Egis Kunisgis says:

"Rose Albatros is mainly bought by our foreign KOA customers. Many go to Lithuania, and then especially sizes like 70 and 80 centimeters. They really see it as the perfect white rose when bigger heads and taller stems are needed.

The rose has to travel far, so we have to rely on their transportability. Getting no complaints means that they behave well during that long trip.

And I must say, of course, my customers - who buy the flowers on their own initiative at the auction clocks - like it, so I like it. But apart from that, I can clearly see too why they like the looks of this rose, because it truly is a very nice one."


Kordes Rose Albatros


Salaba - Marcel Donker

Salaba is a true family business located at the Aalsmeer flower auction, where most of the experts and employees have been working in the company for many years. The company's activities consist of purchasing, packaging, and exporting flowers and plants to customers in many countries within and outside Europe.

Marcel Donker says:

"I am not buying as many roses as I did in the past. But I still follow closely what the KOA buyers from Salaba buy. We have many companies from Eastern Europe, like Poland and Ukraine who are remotely buying their flowers directly at the clocks of Royal FloraHolland. And that includes quite a number of Albatros roses of 60 and 70 centimeters tall. The fact that they buy it again and again means they love this variety.

I understand their enthusiasm for this white rose because when I see it passing by I see its clear beauty and strength."


Kordes Rose Albatros by Timaflor
Rose Albatros by grower Timaflor, marketed by Fresco Flowers


Van Vliet Flower Group - Nico Mulder

Van Vliet Flower Group is a company based at the Naaldwijk auction with a location in Aalsmeer as well. The company is dedicated to exporting flowers, potted plants, and sundries worldwide. Through its commitment to providing top-quality products at competitive prices, this trader is known as a leading supplier in the horticulture industry. 

Nico Mulder says:

"Albatros is a rose that sells very well, so as a rose buyer and flower trader we are happy with it. We see this rose being bought regularly by our KOA customers as well. I am not sure where all these roses go, because Van Vllet Flower Group sells all over the world. I can only say that with all the huge availability of white roses at the clocks, this can only mean our customers consciously pick this rose."


Kordes Rose Albatros one bright bunch


Asking various companies in the floral industry paints a picture of buyers who really aim for the Albatros rose when they make their daily purchases, whether directly with Dutch handling agency Fresco Flowers or buying remotely at the auction clocks of Royal FloraHolland. The general impression is that this big white rose sells particularly well in Eastern European countries.


Rose Albatros is bred by Kordes Rosen and grown in Kenya by Timaflor. This rose is marketed by Fresco Flowers.


Kordes Rosen Albatros



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