These Are Some of the Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas

Rich blooms that are an eternal demonstration of love and affection that is spread by these holidays.

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Red Roses Perfect for the Festive Season and Christmas Holidays

Red roses for Christmas… Well, that seems like a really natural fit. They seamlessly and perfectly meld into each other given that red is not only a Valentine’s color but also a prominent Christmas hue. From Santa's robe to Rudolf's nose, and also its description as a color that spreads love and warmth - all of which are the essentials of Christmas - red flowers, more so roses, are a perfect element to enhance the festivity’s cheer and warmth, and just the same way, spread the love.

Red roses are an integral part of Christmas festivities. They are an eternal demonstration of love and affection that is spread by these holidays. Whether you want to add an elegant touch to your own home or you want to send these flowers to a friend or loved one for the festive season, red roses will do just the right job. They will, without you verbally pronouncing it, say to your loved one how you feel about them this festive season.

These Are the Perfect Red Roses for This Christmas

Roses are, definitely, an integral flower for your Christmas designs and decor due to their array of meanings and symbolism, all of which touch on the spirit of the festive season. They induce just the right spirit that embodies the essence of Christmas.


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
A red rose and greenery that depict festivities.
Photo by neelam279


While there are hundreds of different roses available to choose from for your designs, this festive season calls for those that enhance the atmosphere. Those that create just the right ambiance and an aura of festivity and bring out the Christmas air and flair in all its glory.

And red roses are probably the most popular flowers ever for this purpose. The reason they have garnered this much love all over the world is that their magnificence has withstood the test of time. No other flower can express love, warmth, and affinity in such a luxurious way as the red rose. What’s more, with their abundance of cultivars to choose from, it’s hard to find that perfect variety that lives up to all of your wishes.


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
Red roses with grreenery
Photo by Alan Chajo


So, one may ask, which red roses are these? Which are these exquisite red roses, that are likable? Well, here are the perfect varieties to get you into that festive mood and bring out its cheer and warmth.

Rose Rhodos

Bred by renowned breeder De Ruiter, Rose Rhodos is known for its large flower head and thornless stem and is grown on farms across Kenya in greenhouses at 2,300 meters altitude. Here, it receives lots of natural sunlight which makes it grow to an impressive length of 60 to 90 cm. The large-headed rose has a head size of 5.5 cm and is characterized by its high petal count, which is spotted best in full bloom.

The passionate red stunner shows thicker stems than traditional red roses and has buds with over 60 gorgeous petals that open to large flower heads ranging from 5-7 cm in diameter. Quite a perfect quality you’d agree!


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
Rose Rhodos, a perfect flower for all seasons.
Photo by @pjdaveflora


Also, the powerful red of the Rose Rhodos rose is considerably bright, and the stems are thornless. This rose is generally seen as one of the longest-lasting red roses available, a quality that makes it one of the most popular red rose varieties for every season, more so for the Christmas festivities season.

Here’s more that you need to know about this rose variety’s breeder

Rose Madam Red

Rose Madam Red is a red large-flowered rose created by breeder United Selections. It is a rose that is very suitable for cultivation in Kenya. Flower distributor Fresco Flowers delivers the Rose Madam Red from growers including Kisima, Lolomarik, and Mount Kenya Flowers who grow this variety in their farms.

A large-headed, versatile rose that’s good for both hand ties and single-stem sales, this red rose variety has thick stems but no thorns, so there’s no need for stripping. It also has shiny dark leaves. 


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
Rose Madam Red bred by United Selections.
Photo by


This rich red rose variety is also a perfect option for your Christmas festivity decorations and also as a bouquet gift for your loved ones and friends during this festive period, and even beyond the celebrations.

A plus for this variety is that when growing them, while most rose varieties start increasing in production after the 3rd or even 4th flush, for Rose Madam Red, you get good numbers from the 1st flush!

Rose Red Naomi!

Rose Red Naomi! bred by Schreurs, is another variety that makes a perfect addition to the festivities and brings a warm atmosphere to your Christmas red rose floral arrangements and designs. It is also ideal just as a gift on its own to bring festive cheer and warmth. 

This variety which is grown by Porta Nova, has the perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade. It is famous for its extremely large flower head full of petals and subtle scent, so lovely that it pampers your senses. Additionally, it has long stems, outstanding transportability, and a superb vase life. 


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
Rose Red Naomi developed by Schreurs.
Photo by @portanovaroses


Another benefit of working with Rose Red Naomi is that the variety has relatively few thorns compared with other red roses. All these qualities make it quite the charmer that it is when it comes to all-year-round floral designs.

Here’s more about Rose Red Naomi, a unique red rose that is also a symbol of love and passion.

Rose Red Calypso

You can also add a touch of passion to your arrangements during this season with Rose Red Calypso from breeder De Ruiter. The variety is grown by numerous farms around the world. With its slightly smaller head compared to most other standard roses, this rose is quite an enchanter in many ways.

Rose Red Calypso has a delicate look, and a true red hue, which is perfect for adding a sensual pop of color to classic arrangements. Its other ideal qualities are that it gently and gradually opens its petals and has virtually no black discoloration.


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
Rose Red Calypso bred by @deruiterinnovations


With its vibrant red color and really good vase life, this variety has a lot of commercial value for florists and retailers. Rose Red Calypso roses bloom into beautiful, classic rose shapes that work well in bridal bouquets, and Christmas centerpieces, and are a favorite for Valentine's arrangements.

And with the perfect vase life, classic blooms, and a passionate and romantic color palette, there is very little not to love about this variety which is among De Ruiter’s popular red roses that express love and are perfect for Valentine’s as well.

Rose Ever Red

Rose Ever Red is, perhaps, the epitome of what a true red rose looks like. It is pure beauty immersed in a truly deep red shade, making it a perfect fit for Christmas festivity décor - and even beyond the festive period - or just as a flower gift to family members, friends and loved ones. 

Bred by De Ruiter, the variety is grown by numerous farms in Kenya including PJ Dave Group, Porini Flowers, Amor, and Lolomarik, where the ideal conditions make it perfect for cultivation. These days, the rose is, likewise, grown in Ethiopia, and even Russia. 


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
Rose Ever Red by @deruiterinnovations


The beautiful blossoms of the Rose Ever Red are largely available for floral designers at local wholesalers and for the general public at almost all flower shops in the world, making it one of those staple roses that everyone should have had in their hands at least once.

Besides the variety’s eye-pleasing characteristics and it being globally available, it comes in lengths ranging between 60cm and 90cm, and has a very good vase life of 10 to 14 days, making it perfect for festive floral designs and even beyond the holidays. 

Rose Hearts

This is a one-of-a-kind rose variety that is a sure head-turner. The rose is closely related to Rose Wanted, but the growth at high altitude gives this supreme red rose a real heart shape right in the center. The heart shape of Rose Hearts stays after harvesting when the flower opens fully. Can you imagine what this rose will do in your floral arrangement? No need to use words anymore as the flower does this for you. 


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
The uniquely beautiful Rose Hearts.
Photo by @gardenfreshflorals and @janspekrozen


Developed by breeder Jan Spek Rozen, Rose Hearts is grown by different growers across the world including Rosaprima, Fontana Group, and Star Roses. It is perfect for many occasions including Valentine’s and also for Christmas festivities where it can be used in holiday-themed decorations and floral arrangements. 

Here’s what more you’d need now about this variety’s breeder, Jan Spek Rozen.

Rose Finally

You just have to have a feel of this rose because words and pictures will never fully define its sheer beauty and grandeur. Romantic, sophisticated, and sensual, Rose Finally is undeniably one of the most beautiful among all red roses for Christmas. 

With an intense crimson color that shades off to a darker tone, this rose speaks of love that awaits a passionate expression. It is a gorgeous variety from United Selections, a breeder that, definitely, has the knack for developing exquisite roses and can't be overlooked this - and any other - holiday season. The flower is grown by Rosaprima, Star Roses, and Equatoroses EQR.


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
United Selections' Rose Finally.
Photo by @unitedselectionslat


Rose Finally is velvety and perfectly adapted to the Latin region growers' market. It is a beauty with a passionate rich color and is perfect for special occasions and festivities. 

Rose Freedom

Known as the 'red of lovers' since red is the color of fire, love, and seduction, the eye-catching, intense, and stimulating, Rose Freedom is not only a must-have during Valentine's but also a delightful flower to have for your Christmas festivity decorations and arrangements. 

The variety is a stunning red-blend rose that is a subtle enhancement of the traditional red rose with modest, subdued petals. It has cup-shaped blooms with a velvety texture. Its petals, especially, make it a perfect variety for any type of event.

Bred by Rosen Tantau, Rose Freedom is cultivated by farms including Ayana, Rosaprima, Jaroma Roses, Amor, Agrivaldani, Fontana, Farm Direct, Muchflowers, Mystic FlowersEquatoroses EQR, Star Roses, and Holy Flora.


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
Deep red petals of Rose Freedom
Photo by Rosaprima


Rose Freedom is not just an amazing way to say ‘I love you’ to your loved ones on special occasions, but is, equally, a delightful way to express one’s sentimentalities on any other day of the year, more so when the festivities are taking place all over.

Rose Furiosa

Bred by De Ruiter, Rose Furiosa is a ruby red rose for whom aesthetic seduction is a naturally given quality. The wine-colored petals offer the same allure of soft scarves drenched in the most sensual perfume. 

The pretty red blooms unfurl slowly into a classic rose that has a very good vase life for the lasting joy of the holidays. In addition, Rose Furiosa is known for its large flower head and thornless stem. All these qualities make it a popular variety among florists, and also for festivities like Christmas, weddings, and other events.


Rose Furiosa is known for its large flower head and thornless stem
Rose Furiosa, known for its large flower head.
Photo by @primarosa_flowers


It is grown in Kenya in greenhouses at 2,300 meters altitude, where it receives lots of natural sunlight, making it grow to an impressive length of 60 to 90 cm. The opening of her 35 petals is definitely a treat to any eyes that see this variety blooming.

RP Black Pearl

This is a sultry, dark red rose which is a go-to choice for expressions of passionate love, and also spreading the warmth of festivities. Rose Black Pearl has velvety, soft petals, an extra-large bud size plus an average vase life. Its qualities, without a doubt, define luxury and elegance at their finest.

Exclusively grown by Rosaprima, Rose Black Pearl is, in many circles, defined as the crown jewel and one of nature’s most magnificent creations. It is rare and fascinating, and quite the symbol of perfection that it is.


Most Beautiful Red Roses for Christmas
Rosaprima's Rose Black Pearl 


With all these characteristics, Rose Black Pearl makes another ideal red rose addition to your holiday floral decorations and trends, bringing much-needed cheer and warmth to the festivities.

And thus, with all the numerous red rose varieties available, which one would you fancy for your Christmas festivity decorations?


Feature and header image by Rosaprima.


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