True Beauty Takes Patience

But it’s worth it for sure

By: THURSD. | 12-06-2020 | 2 min read
Wans Roses stands for the sustainable and CO2-neutral production of premium cut roses for special occasions in life. Being a specialist for roses on special occasions Wans know exactly how and when to make their roses show their full splendor. In short: true beauty takes patience.

Rose Vuvuzela

One of these beauties is Vuvuzela. At least 20 percent of Wans' production grows this exceptional rose. Vuvuzela is a rose with the charm of an English nostalgic garden rose. A unique play of colors, which ranges from a strong orange-yellow in the heart of the flower to a delicate pink. A rose that gets his real beauty on the plant. One day longer in the greenhouse and the bud becomes so much bigger and blooming. When it’s cut too raw, you will never realize what a big flowerhead it really has. And the inside color will not become visible. And even more important: if the roses are cut to raw, they will not open in the vase. Vase life will be useless. The value of its beauty disappears.
Rose Vuvuzela Product on Thursd
Christian Wans is firm in this matter:
"Cutting too raw would be a disaster for the beauty and the life of the flower. It gets his appreciation when it’s already opening on the inside, so you can see the rose petals."
Romantic Vuvuzela, Golden Vuvuzela, and White Vuvuzela all have that special garden rose charm and the same added value when it’s more open. One day langer in our greenhouse means that the roses are more expansive and easier to damage. But it’s worth it for sure!

Rose Angie Romantica

Rose Angie Romantica Product on Thursd
Angie Romantica
This rose with the large, full flower head presents a great play of colors. The pink flower core is framed by light pink to almost white petals. And with an enchanting scent - simply noble.

Rose Emma Woodhouse

Rose Emma Woodhouse
Emma Woodhouse
This rose enchants with a great fragrance. It makes every wedding bouquet shine, but also comes into its own in-country house decorations. Both are special too and pricing is good. Furthermore, we want to underline the individuality of our premium roses, we market our varieties under the Royal Beauties® brand.



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