Turcan School of Floristry

Sharing the secrets of flower art

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Dmitry Turcan

World famous in Russia and abroad, Dmitry Turcan is one of the most popular floral designers from Russia. Turcan School of Floristry Quote

Turcan School of Floristry

Living in St. Petersburg, Dmitry Turcan is the founder of the online school, the Turcan School of Floristry, which is completely in the Russian language, so do not forget to turn on your auto-translate. After doing that you can easily discover his videos with tutorials and DIY. Dmitry Turcan with cup of flowers - School of Floristry - on Thursd

Flower Style and Baku

Dimity's unique style started in Italy where he lived for 8 years. In Europe, he learned to create minimalistic and concise objects. His styled involved after moving to to Azerbaijan, where he made very luxurious and extravagant designs. His style now, is best described as the combination of overwhelming luxury with some restraint. Dmitry Turcan:
"Before Petersburg, I worked in Baku for six years. There I was instructed to open a flower boutique of a republican scale. After that, I began to recruit staff, and it turned out that not just only men, but only large, and brutal men work as florists in Azerbaijan! While looking for people, I realized that training would be required. Young guys and girls came to me. So, in six years, I have turned the floristry of Azerbaijan. There are a lot of girls in this area now, which is cool. They told me: "Finally we got the opportunity to work as florists." -source Daily Afisha

Turcan School of Floristry - on Thursd. Dmitry Turcan Profile

St. Petersburg

After moving to St. Petersburg in 2018, and founding the Turcan Flower Bureau, Dmitry Turcan combines a flower shop, and an area to organize offline and online workshops, and also a place for holding meetings, discussions and presentations not necessarily related to floristry. From there he started his online school, the Turcan School of Floristry.
Turcan School of Floristry - on Thursd. Dmitry Turcan Dmitry Turcan in front of the city hall in Bilzen, where he and his team decorated the outside with a flower carpet in September 2019 to promote Fleuramour

Floristry Courses

In his floristry courses, Dmitry shares with his students the secrets of flower art, which he has been collecting around the world for over 21 years. 'The Turcan School of Floristry will help you show the path and guide towards obtaining the skills to become a professional florist, which can become a matter of life and help you realize creative ambitions.'
Turcan School of Dmitry Turcan
Some of the offers on the Turcan School

Lady Gaga

Some people first heard about Dmitry Turcan after he did a piano decoration for Lady Gaga for the opening of the European games in Baku  He was invited to decorate the piano a day and a half before the performance. The conditions were unrealistic: summer, scorching sun, but it was impossible to use water to support the life of plants - the musical instrument was too expensive. The team of Dmitry placed each flower in a test tube, there were more than two thousand of them. But the result and the performance of the singer is a complete delight.



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