Dunes and Blooms - Explore These 15 Flower Shops in the UAE

In the Emirates, the art of floral arrangements is taken to new heights by a number of outstanding flower shops.

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The Exquisite Flower Shops of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its opulence, grandeur, and keen eye for aesthetics. A country that appreciates beauty in all its forms, it comes as no surprise that the art of floral arrangements holds a special place there.

In the UAE, the art of floral arrangements is taken to new heights by a number of outstanding flower shops. From Dubai to Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, or Ras al Khaimah, the UAE offers a plethora of exquisite flower shops. Each offers a unique experience, definitely sources the freshest flowers, and provides personalized services for every occasion.

Some Leading Flower Shops in the UAE

In that regard, are you looking for a classic bouquet, a luxurious gift box, or an artistic centerpiece? There are a whole range of flower shops that will definitely cater for your needs. These flower shops are sure to leave you awe-inspired with their creativity, quality, and commitment to customers’ contentment with their creations.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Floral composition by @theflowersociety on Instagram


So, here you go.


This is a prominent online flower shop based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which is redefining luxury in the floral industry. Founded in 2017 in Dubai, a city known for its iconic landmarks and high standards, BLACK AND BLANC Fleur set out to provide nothing but the best when it comes to flowers.

The name BLACK AND BLANC Fleur, which combines the first and last colors of the color chart, reflects the company’s intent to offer flowers in all shades from black to white and everything in between. Quite a unique brand identity that sets the flower shop apart in a competitive market!

This floral enterprise is not just about selling flowers; it’s also about creating remarkable decor and impressive fashion items. Its passion for floristry and design has influenced the development of luxurious floral arrangements that maintain freshness for years.

One of its key offerings is the Infinity Collection, which consists of real, everlasting roses available in three sizes and more than 10 different colors. This innovative product line exemplifies the company’s commitment to quality and design.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Floral bouquet by @blackandblanc_fleur on Instagram


In addition to flowers, BLACK AND BLANC Fleur offers a variety of bespoke gifts and other treats, with the online shop featuring a wide range of products, making it easy for customers to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Bliss Flower Boutique

Bliss Flower Boutique, located in the heart of Dubai, with other outlets in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras al Khaimah, is a leading flower shop that presents its flowers to perfection. The flower shop is dedicated to handcrafting exquisite floral arrangements that leave a lasting impression.

The flower boutique also has branches in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and offers a wide variety of flowers at its online flower boutique, as well, and the collection includes popular options such as roses, lilies, hydrangeas, delphiniums, orchids, gerberas, nerine, eustoma, spray roses and more. It also has seasonal flowers, allowing the customer to choose the perfect blooms for any occasion.

Ordering flowers online from Bliss is easy and convenient, through its user-friendly website that allows for one to browse the collection of stunning bouquets and flower arrangements that it has. One can order and schedule a flower delivery in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE for a specific date and time.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Flower compositions from Bliss Flower Boutique


Plus, its same-day flower delivery services are handy for those times when one needs the flowers.

Furthermore, at Bliss Flower Boutique, customer satisfaction is a top priority, with a friendly team that is always available to assist with any questions or concerns that customers may have.

Darcey Flowers

Darcey Flowers, located in Al Quoz, Dubai, is another premier flower shop known for its luxury and premium flowers. With a strong commitment to quality and creativity, Darcey Flowers has become a reliable brand for flower delivery across Dubai and the UAE.

It offers a wide range of luxury flower bouquets and arrangements, catering to various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and corporate events with a collection carefully curated and showcased in modern elegance. This makes it a go-to destination for those seeking an extra touch of class. A key feature of Darcey Flowers is its assurance of customer fulfillment.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Dubai's Darcey Flowers
Photo by Darcey Flowers


Darcey Flowers also offers an efficient online booking system, allowing customers to easily order their preferred floral arrangements. Moreover, it provides same-day delivery options for flowers.

Beyond its base in Dubai, Darcey Flowers also distributes to other locations in the UAE through a wide delivery network.

Go Flower

Go Flower, is a flower shop changing the way people buy flowers for their different uses. The company was co-founded by Benn Davey, who envisaged making flower-buying cheaper, easier, and more enjoyable.

This flower shop prides itself on delivering the highest quality flowers and gift bouquets across the UAE and has partnered with some of the best flower growers to ensure that customers receive only the freshest and highest quality blooms. Its guarantee of quality and freshness is evident in every bouquet it delivers.


Flower Shops in the UAE Go Flower
Design by Go Flower


In addition to flowers, Go Flower also offers a variety of gift items. It has a wide assortment of chocolate bars, with flavors ranging from Strawberry Cheesecake and Hot Fudge Sundae to Salted Caramel and Raspberry Rose. There’s, clearly, a flavor for every palate.

Similarly, the flower shop offers same-day flower delivery across the UAE in a game-changing concept for the flower delivery industry. This provides customers with a convenient and efficient way to send fresh flowers to their loved ones.

Fleur Du Desert

A newly launched luxury flower shop based in Dubai, Fleur Du Desert, founded by Dayana Tertyshanya and Mai Rashed, is a shop that aims to create luxury floral boutiques that pay homage to the beauty of the region while ensuring perfect attention to detail. Located in the headquarters of Dialight Studio, this flower shop offers a wide range of floral arrangements, from flower boxes to seasonal collections to mono bouquets.

The shop also provides various accessories and tailor-made solutions to ensure each surprise is anything but boring.  Its subscription service ensures that customers seamlessly have a fresh bouquet of blooms whenever they need one.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Bouquet created by Fleur Du Desert


This sophisticated subscription service offers farm-fresh flowers and bespoke arrangements to best suit customers’ needs with an endless array of flowers that are designed to make any space or occasion feel aesthetic.

The Flower Society

The Flower Society, a luxury flower shop based in Dubai, is a homegrown brand that offers bespoke floral arrangements. It was founded by Zoya Sakr and offers a sense-memory experience cultivated for the luxury and style of Dubai, as inspired by her roots in Lebanon.

Zoya founded The Flower Society with the dream of lighting up the world’s most special spaces and occasions with her resplendent blooms.

Also located in the headquarters of Dialight Studio, The Flower Society offers a wide range of floral arrangements, from flower boxes to seasonal collections and mono bouquets. The shop also provides various other accessories.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
A bouquet created by @theflowersociety


This flower shop also offers a subscription service to enable its clients to have a fresh bouquet of blooms, farm-fresh flowers, and bespoke arrangements.

FNP - Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals, also known as FNP, is a top-rated flower shop and gifting portal in Dubai, which has established itself as an unrivaled gifting platform in the city and beyond. It offers a wide range of flowers including roses, lilies, tulips, gerberas, sunflowers, peonies, and many more.

FNP also provides flower arrangements, bouquets, and bunches for various occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, housewarming celebrations, congratulatory bouquets, thanksgiving, get-well-soon occasions, and many others.

Its convenient online ordering and delivery services are easy and handy, with a user-friendly website that allows one to browse the shop’s collection of products including bouquets and flower arrangements, right at home. One can, therefore, order and schedule a flower delivery in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. It presents multiple delivery options including same-day delivery, midnight delivery, and even one-hour delivery.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Flowers bouquet and gift box from on Instagram


What’s more, Ferns N Petals makes it convenient for customers to track their orders through WhatsApp or email, and its team is, at all times, available if customers need proper assistance with any of their inquiries.

Florabella Flowers

This is a flower shop based in Abu Dhabi and has a lot to deliver when it comes to floral offerings. The flower shop which is dedicated to reshaping the way people experience flowers, provides quality services that ensure its customers remain contented.

Florabella Flowers, for instance, offers same-day flower delivery within the area. Customers can place their orders and expect their flowers to be delivered the same day. This affords them a convenient and efficient way to send fresh flowers to their loved ones.

It also delivers the highest quality flowers and gift bouquets across the country. Its range of flower products includes roses, lilies, carnations, orchids, tulips, sunflowers, and more, which are always delivered fresh. The flower shop also has on offer a variety of gift items for weddings, birthdays, and other events.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Floral composition by on Instagram


Maison Des Fleurs

Maison Des Fleurs, located in Dubai’s Design District - D3, and also at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, is a luxury flower shop known for its exquisite floral designs and arrangements celebrating the colors and sophistication synonymous with French design.

It exemplifies beauty and perfection, offering a wide range of products, from luxury flowers to various gift sets that guarantee that customers have a diverse selection to choose from.

You could be looking for spectacular flower delivery in signature packaging, an impressive floral installation for your corporate office, hotel, or residence, or a spectacular focal point for a one-of-a-kind event, all of which Maison des Fleurs promises to offer to transform your dream into something truly awesome.

A key feature of this flower shop is its obligation to customer satisfaction. It provides an easy-to-use online booking system, allowing customers to efficiently order their preferred flowers. Furthermore, it offers same-day delivery options. Maison Des Fleurs also delivers to other locations in the UAE.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Fall-themed floral arrangement by @maisondesfleursofficial on Instagram


Fine Blooms

Fine Blooms, located in Boxpark Al Wasl Road, Dubai, is a premier flower shop known for its unique approach to floral styling, with a strong commitment to quality and creativity. It has become a revered brand for flower delivery across Dubai and the general UAE, with its wide range of products, from luxury flowers to various gift sets providing customers with a diverse selection to choose from.

Its specialty is delivering an array of exquisite floral products presented in the form of signature packaging, impressive floral installations, and impressive focal points for special events.

What’s more, it offers an online system that allows customers to order their preferred floral arrangements from their homes, as well as same-day delivery options

Like other flower shops, Fine Blooms also delivers to many other locations across the UAE, through an extensive system that ensures flowers reach its core and prospective customers in impeccable conditions, enhancing its commitment to its customers’ contentment.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Floral bouquet created by @fineblooms



Goshá, another flower shop in UAE, is a unique tale of floral design that draws its inspiration from the world of poetry. This chic establishment views flowers as temporary art objects, adding a touch of cinematic flair to their arrangements.

With locations in Al Quoz, Dubai, and Marina, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, Goshá offers a diverse range of products. From bespoke bouquets to flower arrangements and an endless collection, each piece is precisely curated and designed to reflect the brand’s synonymous beauty and elegance.

Goshá, similarly, has a commitment to customer satisfaction evident in its efficient online system, which allows customers to easily place orders for their preferred floral arrangements. And with its convenient opening hours, customers can enjoy Goshá’s beautiful creations at any time.

In addition to its home bases in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Goshá also delivers to other locations in the UAE.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Autumn-themed flower arrangement by 



This is a leading flower shop and online gift shop based at Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 in Dubai, that thrives on offering a variety of premium products, including plants, flowers, cakes, roses, plants, chocolate boxes, and home items. Its flowers include roses, tulips, hydrangeas, sunflowers, and lilies, among others which it usually delivers in bespoke boxes.

BloomingBox is not just a flower shop; it’s a one-stop shop for all of one’s gifting needs. Be it a beautiful bouquet of roses for a loved one or a delicious cake for a birthday celebration, it has got everyone covered.

This flower shop guarantees the freshness of its flowers, ensuring that customers receive only the best quality products. This is a commitment that has seen it retain its flower customers, and even those looking for other online gift shops.

BloomingBox also offers same-day delivery services, which means that customers can place an order and have it delivered to their doorstep on the same day. This service is particularly useful for those last-minute gift needs or spontaneous gestures of love and appreciation.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
A floral collection by BloomingBox


Bella Fleur

Bella Fleur, an admired floral boutique located in Dubai, is renowned for its gorgeous flower arrangements and bouquets. The establishment serves as a complete destination catering to the diverse floral needs of customers residing in various parts of Dubai, such as International City, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), and even beyond.

The flower shop’s adept flower delivery service ensures the timely arrival of its floral compositions, ranging from vibrant roses to elegant lilies and attractive mixed bouquets. Plus, its firm assurance of customer satisfaction is quite a remarkable attribute, reflected in the user-friendly online ordering system and its ability to provide same-day delivery of bouquets.

While Bella Fleur's primary location is in Dubai, its reach extends beyond the city's limits with an extensive distribution network spanning across the UAE. The flower shop, as a result, guarantees that the beautiful creations it creates can be relished by individuals throughout the region.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Flower bouquet designed by @bellafleuruae


What’s more, exemplifying the essence of celebration and beauty, Bella Fleur always attempts to offer a memorable experience to those seeking to brighten someone's day with flowers or plan a special event.

The Bunch Box

The Bunch Box is a distinguished florist in the UAE that offers unique products that are redefining the region's floral industry. This is complemented by its impeccable service provision. The flower shop is known for its quality and diversity, with varieties ranging from roses to tulips. These products are beautifully curated for the customers.

The Bunch Box also offers special seasonal collections such as Ramadhan, and other festivities, making it a truly one-stop flower shop for any special occasion. Plus, its unique floral subscription service is a positive for customers. Customers can choose between weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
A bunch of flowers delivered by The Bunch Box


On sustainability matters, this flower shop uses eco-friendly materials and recycled paper for its packaging, upholding the idea that the Bunch Box is not just about selling flowers, but also about caring for the environment.

Florette Flowers

Florette, an online flower shop based in Dubai, is transforming the way people buy flowers. With a focus on freshness and affordability, Florette has quickly become a go-to destination for flower lovers across Dubai.

Since 2017, its mission has been to significantly shorten the time flowers take from farm to vase. By sourcing flowers directly from farmers, Florette ensures that customers receive the freshest and most beautiful flowers at ideal prices. This approach not only guarantees the longevity of the flowers but also allows the flower shop to offer them at prices typically reserved for wholesalers.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Floral design by


Essentially, the flower shop offers a variety of fresh market flowers, all carefully curated for their beauty, longevity, and seasonality. And customers have a wide range of options to suit any occasion, with the flowers sold simply wrapped in paper, reminiscent of a traditional farmers’ market. Outside Dubai, Florette also delivers across other locations in the UAE.

Try These Flower Shops and Feel Their Rewarding Experience

While there are many more flower shops dotting the different Emirati cities across the UAE, these are just a few that could tickle your fancy. However, whichever flower shop you pick, you definitely will find the experience worthwhile.


Exquisite Flower Shops in UAE
Floral installation by Fine Blooms


So, try any one of them, and experience the true essence of fresh flowers apparently blossoming from the heart of the desert.


Feature and header images by The Flower Society.



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