Why Does Hamifleurs Buy Chrysant Pina Colada?

"I see that we are buying more and more of this top-quality flower"

By: THURSD. | 11-11-2020 | 2 min read

Interview with Patrick Rapmund

Hamifleurs' customers, the importing wholesaler, are located all over Europe. Their largest markets are Russia, France, Italy, and Great Britain. It's a daily challenge is to deliver the most beautiful, fresh, top-quality flowers om time to their customers. Top-quality flowers, including chrysants, is a must. So, why do they buy chrysanthemum Pina Colada? Patrick Rapmund, the responsible buyer explains. Why Does Hamifleurs Buy Chrysant Pina Colada

Which important characteristics does Pina Colada have for you as a buyer?

"When I think of the Pina Colada, I think of beautifully filled spray chrysanthemums. Very strong, and with a good shelf life. Its great advantage is its green, fresh heart all year round.

Does Hamifleurs consciously buy the Chrysanthemum Pina Colada variety?

"There are plenty of customers who consciously buy Pina Colada because of this enhanced shelf life and green heart. There are also plenty of customers who compare Pina Colada with other doubles and want the cheapest. Since Pina Colada has a good price to quality ratio. I see that we are buying more and more Pina Colada. In 2018 we bought about 1 million stems and in 2019 about 1.7 million. I expect that this year 2020 we will do the same as in 2019. We are still a little behind but hope that things will turn out well. Hamifleurs also suffers from the coronavirus!
Why Does Hamifleurs Buy Chrysant Pina Colada

There are currently three types of Pina Colada: white, cream, and yellow. Which ones do you buy?

"Hamifleurs mainly buys a lot of white Pina Colada. White is the main color of the chrysanthemums. White pina colada is number three on the spray chrysanthemums at Hamifleurs. The Pina Colada Cream is actually only just available in larger numbers, so it has yet to find its place. I think it has a very nice creamy color. We also buy the Pina Colada Yellow every day, but not nearly as much as the white. The ratio will be 70% white, 25% yellow, and 5% cream.
Why Does Hamifleurs Buy Chrysant Pina Colada
The Hamifleurs warehouse in Honselersdijk, Netherlands

To which countries does Hamifleurs sell Pina Colada mainly?

"Russia is by far number one with us, Latvia on two, and Lithuania on three. This chrysant is ordered every day so that is positive. If something goes well, you don't actually hear anything and if something doesn't go well you always hear too much. So, I always think that if I don't hear anything it's positive. And I don't hear much from the sales department, so that's positive, haha!"
Why Does Hamifleurs Buy Chrysant Pina Colada Patrick Rapmund of Hamifleurs



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