Thursd and myThursd, What is the Difference?

Floral business is all about people and relations and our two platforms provides you with opportunities to meet, connect and established a mutually-beneficial relationships.

By: EDWIN KIRWA | 06-03-2024 | 4 min read
How It Works
Thursd and myThursd

La Familia is growing and this feels like a re-introduction of our kids to the world. Over the past five years, Thursd has been your favorite online magazine, bringing you exclusive, unique, and high-quality floral content. The platform has continuously transformed how the flower industry connects, inspiring a befitting value for each relationship forged thereof!

It may get complicated when you add our new kid into the mix, myThursd. In a nutshell, what exactly is myThursd, you may ask. It is your ideal floral meet-up spot, where resourceful relations and collaborations are established. The fusion of both Thursd and myThursd, creates a future ecosystem, for you! Where the immense value of flowers and plants can be felt, expressed, and shared globally.

But really, precisely what makes these two platforms unique yet closely related? stick around to learn.

Thursd Is Good For You

"Thursd is good for you" is a bold statement and we are cognizant of this but why is Thursd good in this regard? The platform intends to promote the good, in a world filled with negativity, and sustainability politics targeting our flowers and plants among others. Thursd stands to be the voice of reason, a channel where the value of fresh flowers and plants can be shared and communicated consistently.




Thursd manages to communicate the good, through the following three ways:

Exclusive Content

From our pool of diverse, talented, and experienced editorial teams, spread across the world, Thursd can provide you with insightful, accurate, and well-researched content and news about our floral industry globally. From flower festivals around the world to trending topics in the floriculture spectrum, editorial content quenches the thirst (Thursd) of our readers around the world daily!

Sponsored Content

Thursd hosts content from our different clients around the world, we like to refer to them as content partners. Through customized, well-written editorials that are visually appealing our content partners get an opportunity to benefit from our platform. Promoting their products, creating brand awareness, positioning, and elevating their marketing efforts tremendously.

As a content partner, these are the offerings you should expect to gain: a unique article promoting your products and services, product pages linking the floral or plant shops to access the product, banners that channel visitors to your landing page, and featuring in our newsletter twice a month.

As a content partner, you also take advantage of Thursd's strong domain authority by getting great link-building. Create efficient backlinks to your website to enhance your site's authority, while boosting your traffic and ranking. (You can also profit from this as a non-content partner).




Designer Blogger Content

Everyone should have access to flowers and plants, this is the ultimate goal of the platform. Thursd noticed that the best way to kickstart the journey towards the realization of the vision is through enhancing access to exclusive flowers and plants or novelties by designers around the world.

Why is this approach great and unique? It provides the much-needed feedback and review of the products right from the consumer's point, while promoting it at the same time and creating a desirable awareness. Designer blogger content became so successful and effective way of reviewing different flowers, promoting, and creating content and awareness in different markets, leading to the establishment of myThursd.

myThursd, Your Floral Meet Up Spot

The platform came into existence as a result of talented people and the need to connect and inspire relations. Owing to the success of the designer blogger content, we figured why not create a platform that focuses on tapping into the wide range of services offered by different floral creatives to meet the needs of growers, breeders, and wholesalers among other traders.




Precisely, myThursd is a floral meet-up spot for floral creatives(floral designers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and marketers) and breeders, growers, and traders. This is a people-driven platform to connect, collaborate, and thrive together. Our obsession with helping you, motivates us to do more, creating an avenue where everyone can meet and gain from each other. As a grower, breeder, wholesaler, or floral marketing agency, you can Join myThursd, and create your account today, to benefit from our growing pool of floral creatives.




If you want to gain access to exclusive novelties of flowers and plants and showcase your creativity while getting paid as a floral creative, myThursd is the place to be, create your account and start pitching on suitable projects. The platform is growing and we are proud to mention that we have more than 100+ floral creatives already registered and a consistent availability of projects from advertisers. However, we need more projects to satisfy our pool of creatives and we are inviting you to try myThursd today!

Future Floral Ecosystem

There you have it! welcome to our family as you have seen we are growing and it is all because of you and the increasing thirst(Thursd) for content and services. Whether your needs are sponsored content, link-building, designer blogs, or targeted content creation in collaboration with a floral creative, we are here to help you.

Both Thursd and myThursd are the keys to the future floral ecosystem, floral business is all about relations, and these two platforms provide or inspire you to connect, collaborate, and thrive.


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Edwin Kirwa profile picture
Edwin Kirwa

There is the right kind of flower; with a befitting shape, texture, color, and scent for the exact sentiment. However, without strategic market positioning, and collaboration such a flower will never get to its target clientele on time.

I passionately love channeling you as the breeder, and grower to the right floral designer or florist collaboration to bring that novelty to the right market, well-packaged to suit your preferences and the quality thereof.

Luckily, we have a platform dubbed My Thursd, which can do exactly the magic for you, with access to a pool of talented, influential, and reliable floral creatives around the globe, let's revolutionalize the approach and strategy behind product positioning, marketing and branding in your target markets.

Let's connect to talk about this exciting and valuable platform.



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