​Animalia Park offers an immersive experience ​with fauna in nature
Animalia Park Lets People Mingle With Fauna in Natural Habitats This bio park contains an abundance of nature and has been designated as a place of environmental conservation.
Henrique Oliveira wood art pieces featured on Thursd
Henrique Oliveira and His Monumental Collection of Eerie Wood Sculptures Oliveira's hybrid works of art invoke both the urban and the natural and the organic and the structured through compositions in which the unanticipated creates a fantastical cosmos of wooden art.
Oct 05 | 3 min read
These Are Some of the Most Popular Phalaenopsis in Brazil An insight from breeder Floricultura based on the purchasing behavior of Brazilian customers measured over the past 2-3 years.
Oct 05 | 2 min read
The Adventures of Phalaenopsis Grower Sítio Kolibri How a Dutch family runs a successful nursery in Brazil.
Aug 31 | 10 min read

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