A Dose of Floral Art With Olga Prinku

Olga Prinku weaves dried flowers into stunning floral compositions on tulle.

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Floral Art
Florals and tulle by Olga Prinku

Using a vibrant array of real flowers and foliage, North Yorkshire-based artist Olga Prinku creates detailed and elaborate embroideries that explode with natural colors and textures. The artist embraces large-scale experimentation, which challenges embroidery's traditionally more intimate surfaces. If you're in need of inspiration, this dose of floral art will definitely inspire you all the way.

Olga Prinku’s Art of Flowers-On-Tulle Embroidery

Olga Prinku's hands have a way of working to create an astounding final product. Mixing her skills as an embroidered along with some of her favorite, delicate flowers, she creates stunning pieces of work. The pieces she works on combine dried and preserved flowers and other plant-based natural materials with tulle fabric, to create motifs drawn from nature and traditional folkloric embroidery patterns or tapestries.


Olga Prinku floral embroidery artist
Olga Prinku floral embroidery artist


The artist uses a variety of methods to attach the flowers, principally trapping the delicate stems in the fabric’s net structure. She shares that sometimes these stems are as fine as a third of a millimeter wide. It’s an intricate process that demands a high level of dedication and focus and an intimate feel for the breaking point of the fragile raw materials at her fingertips. Olga has a sense of being led by the plants themselves as she often freestyles to distribute the design within the space.


In the finished works, the tulle fabric becomes an invisible canvas for organic patterns that seem to float in their frame, creating the potential for a play of light and shadows that adds another visual dimension. For Olga, as all-natural materials change with time, each of her pieces will develop a new aesthetic as it matures.


Rose and tulips created with dried preserved flowers
Rose and tulips created with dried and preserved flowers and foliage


She observes her artistic work as paying homage to the beauty of nature by combining natural elements in new ways – and as a reflection on the fragility yet strength of the natural world around her.


Lamp with floral embroideries by Olga Prinku
A creative and beautifully designed lamp with floral embroideries


Olga Prinku's Latest Artistic Series 'Graft'

In addition to blooms and leaves, Prinku has recently focused on branches in a new series called Graft. Using primarily silver birch, she describes the works as a reference to the horticultural process of transferring twigs from one setting to another but also a nod to the slang meaning of ‘hard work’ because all in all, it takes a lot of time and patience.

Prink's artistic journey has always been characterized by a deep exploration of the intricate threads that bind us to our surroundings. In 'Graft', she takes this exploration to new heights, presenting a visual narrative that transcends conventional boundaries from canvas paintings to digital creations. The result is a visually appealing and emotionally resonant body of work that invites viewers to contemplate the natural state and charm of flowers and what they can do for us.


Graft series by Olga Prinku
Olga's 'Graft' series showcases different designs and floral embroideries


One of the standout features of this series is Prink's use of symbolism. Each piece is laden with layers of meaning, inviting viewers to unravel the subtle nuances in her creations. From the intertwining of roots and branches to the juxtaposition of light and shadow, Prink's symbolism encourages contemplation of the symbiotic relationships inherent in life.

More About Olga Prinku Floral Embroiderer

Besides creating artwork for flower lovers to enjoy, Olga Prinku is also the author of her own book 'Dried Flower Embroidery: An Introduction to the Art of Flowers on Tulle'. It was published in September 2021 by Quadrille/Hardie Grant.


Dried Flower Embroidery book


In the first part of the book, she discusses tools and techniques, her favorite flowers for creating with, and how to grow or forage and dry them. Then she put together step-by-step guides to enable you to create 15 projects, from hoops for display to homewares and wearables. The book is full of tips and tricks as well as suggestions for substitutes for your floral raw materials to enable you to put your own creative spin on the projects. Olga excitingly shares:

"It’s been such a great learning experience to work on the book with a wonderful team of editors and designers. The book is illustrated by beautiful images taken by the very talented photographer India Hobson. I worked hard on the book during the period of lockdowns and I hope you’ll love it!"


Part of the design process by Olga Prinku


Curious to connect more with her pieces through the beautiful art of floral embroidery? Take a sneak peek at Olga Prinku's website and Olga's Instagram, where you can also access her shop and buy her renowned book.


Photos by @olgaprinku.



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