​A Silver Jubilee for Decorum With a Golden Edge
Hooray for Decorum's Silver Jubilee With a Golden Edge The renowned brand celebrates 25 years, promising to keep on supplying the most exquisite plant and flower products.
​Marginpar's Sanguisorba Red Dream Bred by Jan Star of Blessed Dream (BD) Flowers
Sanguisorba Red Dream Is the Perfect Matchmaker in Floral Bouquets In this flower, breeder Jan Star has created one of Marginpar's most uniquely fascinating flowers.
Celosia Coral Reef brings the mysterious beauty of the undersea into your home
Splash Into the Colorful World of Celosia Reef Bring the beauty and magic of the underwater realm to your garden.
Bredefleur Glazen Tulp winner feature on Thursd
Lily Apricot Fudge Wins Glazen Tulp Award 2022-2023 Levi Evers from Bredefleur: "We are very proud to have won this award. It means an extra reward for the effort everyone has put into this! We all feel like winners."
Floral Events
Dec 16 | 2 min read
Peter van Delft visits FN Kempen feature on Thursd
Plants Nursery F.N. Kempen Is Mad About Mangave An visit to the frontrunner in inspiring visually appealing perennials.
Award Winning Innovations in the Spotlight - 5 Categories 5 Winners This Oscar-worthy award goes to the best market introduction in the category of cut flowers,  green house plants, concepts, flowering house plants and garden plants.
Floral Events
Dec 15 | 4 min read

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