10 YouTube Channels With All Kinds of Education

Watch educational videos from top designers that are filled with all kinds of inspiration. From flowers to gardening, to floral techniques.

By: THURSD. | 17-06-2020 | 7 min read
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A creative hobby or profession like floristry and gardening takes a lot of inspiration and knowledge. Like writers can have writer's block, florists can also face similar blocks where they have no ideas left. That’s the perfect moment to take your mind to an educational article on Thursd or to interesting YouTube channels to get creative again and feed your floral soul with energy.

Ten Educational YouTube Channels

These are ten YouTube channels with all kinds of education: from flowers to gardening, to floral techniques for flower professionals.


1. Hitomi Gilliam

Youtube Hitomi Giliam - on Thursd


Hitomi Gilliam is one of the most brilliant minds in floristry! She is a Japanese Canadian floral designer, educator, influencer, developer, and trendsetter. Her techniques are never-ending and everyone that knows Hitomi loves her. She is warmhearted and extremely creative. Her purpose is to share! Hitomi is now also creating educational content for flower lovers everywhere through her new Patreon page. You can join her into the digital age where she will continue to create important educational video tutorials, virtual courses, and more for the floral community.

Go to the Hitomi Gilliam YouTube Channel


2. McQueens Flowers

Youtube McQueens Flowers - on Thursd


McQueens Flowers has been creating beautiful and memorable designs since 1991, building a reputation around the world for colorful and creative floral creations perfectly matched to every occasion and setting. What started out as a home of simple, stylish London flowers - beautifully presented, has grown to become one of the world’s most respected and admired floral design companies – setting the standard for floral quality, style, and elegance. With creative studios, workshops, and flower schools in London, New York, and Seoul – and more international cities underway, McQueens is a truly international affair, with customers in Mexico, USA, Japan, France, Korea, Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain & Australia.

Go to the McQueens Flowers YouTube Channel


3. Pim van den Akker - Flower Factor

Youtube Flower Factor - on Thursd


Pim van den Akker is the driving force behind FlowerFactor. For years now, this internationally renowned floral designer has successfully drawn the attention of growers, florists, designers, the media, and consumers to the pure beauty and emotional strength of flowers. With Pimdesigned, his design company in Delft, the renowned master florist belongs to the absolute top of the world of (floral) design. The Flower Factor YouTube channel is filled with educational tutorials with inspiration on how to make great floral designs. You'll find all kinds of different playlists, from Wedding Flowers and Hand-tied Bouquets to Plant creations.

"I believe it’s important to be able to share, and tell people or even better yet show them what our business is all about and how we are able to turn a beautiful product into beautiful creativity", is how Pim describes it himself. "Our trade is much more than just putting together an arrangement or a bouquet; florists and designers have the talent of capturing a product’s emotion and translating that into an expressive floral design."

Go to the Flower Factor YouTube Channel


4. J Schwanke - uBloom

J Schwanke Youtube banner - YouTube Channels With All Kinds of Education on thursd


J Schwanke is the host of the uBloom YouTube educational videos on "How to Arrange Flowers". His platform uBloom features hundreds of more videos on everything flower-related. Education is paramount to J and that is why people in the industry call him the “Flower Expert” and even better “the Most Trusted Voice in the Flower Industry” which keeps him motivated to keep great education coming.

Go to the J Schwanke YouTube Channel


5. Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Mayesh Youtube banner - YouTube Channels With All Kinds of Education on thursd


Not only are Mayesh's products and people first in class, but so is their online presence. Mayesh provides the floral artist with the tools, services & resources that inspire! From an extensive floral library to floral design videos, to online shopping and so much more. These educational moments are poured into the formulas 'Mornings with Mayesh', 'A minute with Mayesh' to 'Educational Downloads' for the floral artist. Each year, a Mayesh Design Star stars in the educational and inspirational videos of Mayesh. These design stars want to help create change in our industry.

Go to the Mayesh Wholesale YouTube Channel


6. Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

Youtube Holly Heider Chapple Flowers - on Thursd


Once upon a time, a young mother named Holly Heider Chapple founded a small wedding and event design business. The business was created as a way for Holly to be home with her children; she was a true example of a mompreneur. 28 years later, the business is thriving and has multiple divisions.

The lead designer, Holly Heider Chapple, has an endless passion and enthusiasm for all things flowers. She has become a visionary in the industry, a trendsetter, a mentor, an influencer, a developer, and an advocate for those with careers in floristry and farming. Dubbed the “Flower Mama” by her industry peers, she not only executes the most beautiful weddings and events but also operates Hope Flower Farm, while leading a collective of designers from all over the world via Chapel Designers. All of this is possible because of her endless drive and her committed team, including the “Flower Father”, Evan.

Go to the Holly Heider Chapple Flowers YouTube Channel


7. Solomon Bloemen by Solomon Leong

Solomon bloemen Youtube banner - YouTube Channels With All Kinds of Education on thursd


Dr. Solomon Leong is the award-winning owner of Solomon Bloemen design studio. He is influenced by the English garden style and the European flower arranging ethos and is described as ‘extraordinary’ and ’striking’ by international media such as the BBC. As a doctor of philosophy in cultural studies, Solomon’s extensive knowledge of cultures and history in relation to floral art has turned him into a successful commentator of floral designs.

Solomon Bloemen's YouTube Channel is filled with lots of tutorials about flowers and how-tos, by the multiple awards winner himself as well as his team of professional educators. Interview videos and many other flower-related educational clips are also featured on the inspiring account.

Go to the Solomon Bloemen YouTube Channel


8. Intrigues Designs by Sarah Campbell

Youtube Sarah Campbell intrigues Design - on Thursd


This intriguing lady also participated in “The Big Flower Fight" on Netflix. Sarah Campbell's Intrigues Design is based on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She is an adventurous passionate designer and chases for a life loaded with beautiful blooms. To share that passion she created a YouTube channel.

Being creative and designing beautiful weddings is only part of the puzzle that makes up being successful as a wedding florist. You need to be more than just a great designer. You need to be a great business person.

Go to the Intrigue Designs YouTube Channel


9. Royal Horticultural Society

Youtube RHS Royal Horticultural Society - on Thursd


Creating in patience…. gardening. As well for your kitchen garden as the beauty of your home garden, you can follow the YouTube channel of RHS ( Royal Horticultural Society). This channel is the right feed for the mind to create something dazzling and new. RHS teaches simple hacks, how to enhance the growth of various plants, adjust the feed of specific plants, try hands-on hybrids, grow rare breeds, and more.

Go to the RHS - Royal Horticultural Society YouTube Channel


10. Jenny T Floristry by Jenny Thomasson

Youtube Jenny T Floristry - on Thursd


Floral Designers are in a constant search of creativity and inspiration in their lives and how to show this through their unique art form. In the 24 educational video series of Jenny Thomasson, you will find topics that will entice all levels of designers from the basic beginnings, 101 all the way to advanced floral design. Jenny discusses the tools and supplies you will need when creating compositions as well as detailed instructions to achieve success in your designs. A few things Jenny Thomasson can teach you:


"Enjoying videos individually or in a bundle will enliven your unique spirit and inspire you to achieve bigger and more beautiful things with your creativity! There is an invincible artist inside of you that is unstoppable and you have to give yourself permission to explore and create unapologetically. Join my classes in your journey, let me help you discover the world of floral design and how you can become a successful florist."

Go to the Jenny T Floristry YouTube Channel



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