A Love Affair With Red Naomi Roses

Red Naomi Roses are iconic, which inspired me to create designs that show the beauty of this symbol of a perfect red rose.

By: JOSEFIEN GOETHALS | 30-08-2023 | 3 min read
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Josefien Goethals Rose Red Naomi

In the floral world, Porta Nova's Red Naomi Roses are iconic. This fact inspired me to create several designs that show the beauty of this symbol of a perfect red rose. And, why not emphasize that with another icon that you cannot get around these days? She's not red, like the Red Naomi, but pink. You'll see how pink Barbie and Red Naomi are a wonderful match too.

Porta Nova Red Naomi

The superb Porta Nova Red Naomi, roses are truly the roses to talk about. The quality of these flowers is undeniably fantastic. With just a little de-thorning and placing them in clear rainwater inside clean containers, they truly come into their own. Working with them in my studio, the atmosphere transforms. There's an immediate and undeniable shift to an aura of luxury. The air becomes thick with opulence, and the room, no matter its original state, begins to resonate with an almost tangible power.



As the saying goes: "No roses without thorns." And this holds true for life as well. To see beauty, sometimes one has to navigate through challenges. The designing fun par could start after the de-thorning was done.

A Harmonious Ensemble

The autumnal weather and the transition of seasons inspired our 'Indian Summer' theme. It's a time of harvesting and thanking nature for its bounties. A bouquet where the rose and its rosehips, in beautiful transition colors, form a harmonious ensemble.


Josefien Goethals Rose Red Naomi


It's also a time for introspection and creating a comfortable bubble. Like the bell jar, filled with these magnificent roses and acting as a mirror to one's soul. Paired with smaller bell jars, which are like little birds ready to sometimes fly the nest, yet also embracing the warmth and support of their mother.

This summer, my children have been around quite frequently, which inspired this creation.


Rose Red Naomi


Symbol of Aphrodite

The rose was one of the symbols of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, passion, and reproduction. Hence, the rose acquired a romantic significance. With its deep red hue, reminiscent of the heart's color, the flower naturally evokes loving associations. According to Greek lore, the rose owes its red color to Aphrodite, who pricked herself on a thorn, causing her blood to spill over the previously white petals.


Rose Red Naomi blooms in glass dome


My Red/Pink Barbie Bouquet

Wrapping up my design project with the Red Naomi rose, the 'Barbie Bouquet' was an ideal finisher.


Rose Red Naomi


I recently took my daughter to watch the Barbie movie. It carried an unexpected message for both the young and old, for men and women alike, about equality and respect. It was such a joy. Both of us dressed in pink - and me being the only one with a splendid bouquet to accompany this. Together we stood in the iconic Barbie box that was put in our cinema—time for a selfie!


Josefien Goethals Rose Red Naomi


I realized at that moment when pink Barbie met Red Naomi that, in the world of flowers, Red Naomi is just as iconic as Barbie herself!


Porta Nova

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