Winning Strategies for Floristry Competitions
Winning Strategies for Floristry Competitions Join Karen Barnes' masterclass where she is sharing everything about her winning and most successful floral competition methods.
May 24 | 3 min read
New Purpose, Passion, and Inspiration Through Bloom Up from Tom De Houwer The perfect blend of self-discovery and floral skill mastery
Sep 10 | 3 min read
Flori cu Fitze Academy in Romania Not just a class, but a total experience
Sep 02 | 3 min read
Stacey Bal Creates Her Autumn Color Story A Masterclass tutorial with Virgin Farms' flowers.
Jul 29 | 2 min read
Atsushi Taniguchi - Masterclass Ready to learn from this Japanese Master Florist?
Oct 02 | 4 min read

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