Stacey Bal Creates Her Autumn Color Story

A Masterclass tutorial with Virgin Farms' flowers.

By: THURSD. | 29-07-2020 | 2 min read
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What do you get when you give the floral artist and color connoisseur Stacey Bal (The Flora Culturist, Chicago) the free hand to pick from all the beautiful flowers Virgin Farms has on offer and let her imagination and creativity guide her skills? The answer: two great pieces that are unique yet doable for a florist. Stacey is a real adventurer with flowers. And this is your chance to see her at work! She explains how you can make your own masterpiece in this tutorial with text and video.

Exploring Unchartered Color Stories

Today’s new nuptials are downsizing which affords event professionals an opportunity for artistic growth. There is a strong potential for our clients to increase their awareness and appreciation of detail which results in the possibility of offering one-of-a-kind custom art pieces and exploring unchartered color stories.


Primitive and Arthroscopic Influenced Hues

Popular transeasonal late summer to autumn palettes get a refresh from welcoming earthy primitive and arthroscopic influenced hues. By grounding blushes to browns and lilac to sterling we can update the perennial mundane wedding palettes that perhaps at one point inspired us but now are lackluster repeats.


Pops of white and fresh green offer contrast and liven up the mood to offer a sense of hope and new beginnings. By thinking far ahead of the curve and releasing your own branded color stories you will influence your clients to try something new. Cheers to a fresh take on happily ever after!



Tutorial on YouTube

The Masterclass tutorial of Stacey Bal with Virgin Farms' flowers is now available online. Here she explains how to create a bouquet and a tabletop version on a low clear glass cylinder. Watch Stacey step by step creating two inspirational works of art:



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