Zabo Plant Gives a Sneak Preview of Dutch Lily Days

Here are five good reasons to book your visit to this top event on Tuesday the 4th of June.

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Zabo Plant Dutch Lily Days

Dutch Lily Days 2024 is around the corner. The perfect moment for top bulb exporter Zabo Plant to celebrate its 40th birthday. The 12th edition of the Dutch Lily Days event kicks off on the 4th of June in the town of 't Zand in the utter north-west of the Netherlands.

Zabo Plant invites you to come and celebrate this special anniversary and at the same time witness the beauty of its lilies. For those who cannot wait until the opening of this event, Zabo shares some of its lilies that will be on display, giving you a unique sneak peek of five wanna-haves.

Roselily & Lily Looks

This exporter of the stunning Roselily (the beautiful double-flowered and pollen-free Oriental Lilies) and Lily Looks (number 1 worldwide in pot lilies) has all reasons to be proud of its past and present, and confident in its future. They are still continuously able to please the market with top-notch varieties and surprise regularly with enchanting novelties.

Lily Cut Flower Novelties

Lily Tropical Dragon

Looking forward to 2025, Zabo Plant already wants to tease you with the bizarre shape of the Tropical Dragon lily. This parrot-like dark pink with green flower stands out, no matter what, in anything a floral designer will ever create. Ladies and gentlemen: this is truly one of those unique lilies that comes only once every few years.

So, come and see this one for yourself at the Dutch Lily Days and convince yourself to stay on the lookout until its market introduction next year.


Lily Tropical Dragon in vase by Zabo Plant
Lily Tropical Dragon by Zabo Plant


Lily Butterfly

Right at the opening of Dutch Lily Days Zabo Plant will introduce the new Lily Butterfly series with three varieties. With a high bud count and pollen-free blooms, The Butterfly series promises a stunning and allergy-friendly display, adding a bright and cheerful touch to floral arrangements 

Developed by breeder Hobaho and exclusively available through Zabo Plant, this variety offers reliability and excellence.

Interesting fact for growers: Butterfly lilies are cultivated in just 9/10 weeks, so it's perfect for businesses seeking a quick turnaround without compromising on quality.


Lily Butterfly yellow Crosscourt by Zabo Plant
Lily Butterfly Crosscourt


This LA-type lily — a crossing of Longiflorum and Asiatic lily — comes in three distinct bright colors:



Lily Escape

Another LA-Hybrid novelty is Lily Escape. This flower boasts a medium to tall height and bears bold, big red flowers; perfect for cut arrangements. Its vibrant deep red hue adds drama and elegance to any floral display, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.

Escape offers longevity and beauty, enhancing the ambiance of any space. While not pollen-free, its speckle-free blooms maintain a pristine appearance. Escape is a versatile option for businesses seeking to elevate their floral offerings with sophistication and flair.

Attention growers: This lily is available for delivery from February, and cultivated over 12 to 13 weeks.


Lily Escape by Zabo Plant
Lily Escape


Roselily OT

Lily connaisseurs know that the abbreviation OT stands for 'Oriental Trumpet'. Combine this feature with the name 'Roselily' and the result can be no less than astonishing.

Zabo Plant is very enthusiastic about the developments it is making in the Roselily section and has, therefore, promised to introduce several Roselily OT varieties, of which these images have already been released for your viewing pleasure.


Zabo Plant Roselily bicolor
Two bicolored Roselily novelties


Zabo Plant Roselily pink and yellow
Roselily pink and yellow novelties


Lily Pot Plant Novelties

Lily Sunny

In the lily pot plants department, Zabo has worked hard to show new varieties of its popular Sunny series; elegant, big blooms with a high bud count, perfect for pot cultivation. Its short height makes it ideal for compact spaces, adding a touch of sophistication to any garden or indoor setting.


Zabo Plant pink Lily Sunny
A new pink pot plant from the Lily Sunny series


During this year's Dutch Lily Days, you may stumble upon new pink and white Lily Sunny varieties, like the cutely freckled Sunny Bounty. These pot lilies are available with the Lily Looks label.

Nice to know for growers: Lilies in the Sunny series are cultivated over 15-16 weeks, making it a charming addition to floral arrangements or as a standalone pot plant. 


Zabo Plant Lily Sunny Bounty
Lily Sunny Bounty pot plant


Welcome to Dutch Lily Days, Welcome to Zabo Plant!

The Dutch Lily Day event at Zabo Plant on the 4th of June will have many activities for lily adepts and will start at 11.00 AM. Read all about the itinerary to plan ahead in this Dutch Lily Days article.

If you plan to visit Zabo Plant for the Opening Event or on any of the other four Dutch Lily Days, pre-registering is not necessary, but feel free to inform your contact at Zabo Plant would be grateful if you could let them know if you intend to be part of their 40th anniversary celebration.Contact E-Commerce manager Dirk Scholten ([email protected]).

The address for the big event on day one of Dutch Lily Days is:

Zabo Plant
Korte Belkmerweg 1-A
1756 CB 't Zand

This is about a one-hour drive by car from Amsterdam.


All photos courtesy of Zabo Plant.


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