What About the Wedding Season?

For some the most profitable time of the year

By: MARCEL DE ROMPH | 29-04-2020 | 2 min read
For florists and floral event planners, the wedding season is probably the most creative and most profitable time of the year. Couples to be wed generally prefer the perfect picture above the perfect price. The world slowly opens up again, but what happens to weddings this year?
2020 the Perfect Year
Florists all over the world who have dealt with a (partial) lockdown are now starting up again. Just in time for the wedding season, you'd say. Not really. Events in many countries are still on hold, since the risk of re-spreading the virus is too big. This also applies to weddings. These are massively canceled or postponed. We'll probably see a lot more weddings in the fall or even in winter. A pity, because the year 2020 was perfect for getting married. This was supposed to be a top year because of the round numbers. But worldwide tens of thousands of weddings are canceled or postponed. The U.S. market alone is worth 74 million dollars this season.  
Interesting Floral Perspective
Despite the enormous loss for everyone involved in the wedding event business, these delays of weddings to later this year will challenge everyone to come up with new, fitting ideas. Different season, different conditions, different flowers. I am truly curious what everyone will come up with. Will the colors of fall dominate the wedding bouquets? Will we see more classic hydrangeas instead of the fresh ones? Or in winter, will we see wedding bouquets with amaryllis or tulips? And what about making the wedding itself more sustainable, or more intimate with only up to thirty of your most loved ones instead of a big crowd? A saying I heard a lot lately is "Never waste a good crisis". Besides all the trouble and pain of the lockdowns, something inspiring and innovative might pop up after all. Ps. Saturday, October 10 will be the perfect wedding day this year: 10-10-2020.
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