A French Style Bouquet From Red Lands Roses

This is how I stage my candlelit dinner

By: CATHERINE JOYAUX CORSELLI | 08-09-2021 | 1 min read News
I have a real crush on the rose variety Julieta Raspberry. It's a generous rose, all curly, which inspires abundance and generosity! Julieta Raspberry from Red Lands Roses is a rose that we would like to eat with cherries and raspberries from the garden. My design of a French Style Bouquet is inspired by this powerful and stylish rose.    

French Style Bouquet

I wanted to create this French Style bouquet by combining three roses from Kenyan grower Red Lands Roses: spray rose Julieta Raspberry with spray rose Bala and spray rose Kimono so that each of the three roses is enhanced in this well-known style of our history.         Their colors are reciprocally highlighted!! I married the roses to the pink astilbes powdery, with purple clematis and purple-black astrantias. Some grasses of the panicum fountain brought lightness to the bouquet, with a few hints of alcove bud.    

Staging a Candlelit Dinner

For the staging of a candlelit dinner in the living rooms, I added silverware and red crystal glassware for French influences.     Button-Where-to-Find-this-Product  
Mariage Hors Série Florist on Thursd Catherine Joyaux from Mariage Hors Série


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