De Ruiter and Its Partners Set to Ornament IFTEX With a Host of New Varieties

The renowned breeder is expected to showcase an extensive collection of new varieties during this year’s IFTEX

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De Ruiter and its partners are poised to enhance IFTEX with a plethora of their new rose varieties.

Known to create among the most exquisite flowers anywhere in the world, premier rose breeder, De Ruiter East Africa (DREA) is unveiling more unique roses, adding to its vast collection. Working in partnership with other renowned breeders, the Naivasha-based breeder — the Kenyan-based division of the globally-renowned De Ruiter Innovations — is expected to showcase the extensive collection of new varieties during this year’s International Floriculture Trade Expo (IFTEX) taking place from June 4th to 6th at the Visa Oshwal Center in Nairobi.


De Ruiter Banner IFTEX


IFTEX, as all know, is the event that brings, practically, the whole flower world to the Kenyan capital, converging the who-is-who in the floriculture scene under one roof. And being among the most notable names in the flower breeding world, De Ruiter always makes all the efforts to ensure that all those attending, have a unique opportunity to sample some of the best rose varieties yet.

A Partnership That Boosts and Strengthens De Ruiter’s Brand Regionally

The partnership between DREA and breeders E.G Hill and Genviv is, thus far, resulting in some of the most sought-after varieties. DREA began representing E.G Hill in the region in 2020. In 2023, Genviv also started working with DREA in the region. Both the two are South American breeders based in Ecuador. 


De Ruiter and its partners are poised to enhance IFTEX with many new rose varieties.
A bouquet featuring roses from breeder De Ruiter.


Their attractive assortment of roses complements De Ruiter’s collection, boosting the latter’s rose offerings, and making its presence stronger and much more diverse for growers in East Africa. While E.G Hill has garden types and special novelties, Genviv produces spray roses and standard varieties that are suitable for high altitudes. 

In that regard, here are some notable roses that the acclaimed breeder will be presenting at the IFTEX.

Rose Playa Blanca

This is a famous white variety from Ecuadorian breeder, Genviv domiciled at the De Ruiter facility in Naivasha. Rose Playa Blanca is currently cultivated by Kenyan grower, Porini Flowers, based in the high-altitude Molo region.


De Ruiter and its partners are poised to enhance IFTEX with many new rose varieties.
Rose Playa Blanca at Porini Flowers


Porini, a member of the Isinya Roses group, prides itself in being a leading flower farm in Kenya, founded with the goal of producing the best quality, premium roses for export.

The farm’s location favors Rose Playa Blanca which works very well in high-altitude areas, producing a flower head size that can be anywhere between 5.0 and 6.0 cm. This flower opens fully in a vase, which is a unique quality, and an additional characteristic that florists and floral designers would love. The variety also produces stem lengths of between 50 and 80 cm and lasts longer in the vase. 


De Ruiter’s New Rose Varieties at IFTEX
Rose Playa Blanca


Rose Playa Blanca, which is recommended for cultivation at altitudes of 2400 meters and above, is just newly planted in Kenya and so far, it all looks perfect in terms of production. What’s more, its ideal qualities including the good stem length, unique white bloom, and the right vase life make it something to look forward to.

Rose Morning Light

Rose Morning Light is also a new light-yellow variety from Genviv, based at De Ruiter’s facility in Kenya. Cultivated by Kenyan-grower, Xpressions Flora Ltd (formerly Omang Farm) a flower farm based in Nakuru’s Njoro area, Rose Morning Light prefers a medium altitude of between 1,900 and 2,200 meters above sea level. 


De Ruiter and its partners are poised to enhance IFTEX with many new rose varieties.
Genviv's Rose Morning Light is grown at Xpression Flora.


With the flower group’s strategy to deliver premium and niche roses to the higher segments, Rose Morning Light just finds itself in the right place at Xpressions Flora, because this is a brand that constantly seeks to bring forth the most uniquely beautiful flowers. At least 12,000 plants of this rose variety are currently grown at Xpressions Flora, though semi-commercially at the moment.

It gives an ideal head size of between 5.0 and 5.5 cm. The rose, also, opens uniquely, and nicely, and has a good stem length of 50 to 90 cm. Such long stems are usually perfect for bigger bouquets. What's more, this light-yellow variety, which is thus far well-received in the market, has a vase life of 12-14 days. Essentially,  those who’ve experienced this rose's uniqueness speak highly of its qualities.


De Ruiter’s New Rose Varieties at IFTEX
Rose Morning Light


Spray Rose Orange Star

Grown for some time now at both Red Lands Roses, a Kenyan specialist in the cultivation and exporting of spray, garden, mini roses as well as T-hybrid roses of among the highest quality in a range of at least 180 varieties, as well as at Ol Kalou-based Golden Tulip Farms (a member of the Black Tulip Group), Spray Rose Orange Star is a variety from breeder E.G Hill in partnership with De Ruiter East Africa.

Just as this flower’s name implies, the orange-colored spray rose has some of the most exceptional qualities that one would love in a flower. For starters, it is a vibrant orange spray, a color that resonates with energy, vibrancy, passion, joy, and appreciation, and also holds many symbolic meanings.


De Ruiter and its partners are poised to enhance IFTEX with many new rose varieties.
Spray Rose Orange Star


This variety, also, has fewer thorns making it much easier to handle both at the farm and when working with it. Plus, it has good length stems that range between 50 cm and 90 cm, as well as good production.  What’s more, the variety works and performs well in all altitudes.

Spray Rose Constellation

Yet another spray rose variety that is becoming popular by the day among growers and traders is Spray Rose Constellation. This is a baby pink spray variety that opens into a garden shape when it fully blooms. Kenyan growers Sian Flowers (Agriflora Kenya Ltd) and Tambuzi Roses (based at the foot of Mt Kenya) have been the first two farms to cultivate this variety from E.G Hill in the country.


De Ruiter’s New Rose Varieties at IFTEX
Rose Constellation


Spray Rose Constellation is one variety that you’d love the very moment you see it. It possesses many buds, and its stem length goes up to 80 cm. When it opens, it does so fast and remains nice-looking in the vase for a minimum of 10 days. What’s more, this variety has a good production capacity. Perfect for growers! 

More De Ruiter Varieties to Sample at IFTEX

Apart from these beauties, De Ruiter East Africa, also, has more of its own varieties that you’d definitely love when you see them showcased at the IFTEX. These flowers are unique in their own ways, have special admirable qualities, and stand out whenever, and wherever they are used. Here are some of them.


De Ruiter and its partners are poised to enhance IFTEX with many new rose varieties.


Spray Rose Pink Dimension®  

This is a dark pink spray rose which has been De Ruiter's most popular spray since last year. There are several farms already planting it, with more growers still showing a keen interest in it. Spray Rose Pink Dimension is strong and has many elegant flowers in one stem. Plus, the color just brings joy and happiness. It is, definitely, a variety whose popularity is growing.


De Ruiter's Spray Rose Pink Dimension
De Ruiter's Spray Rose Pink Dimension®. Photo by De Ruiter East Africa


Spray Rose Sweet Dimension®

This is a grass heart-shaped baby pink flower with many buds, a quality that makes it an absolute front-runner on all fronts. There are already growers keen on immediately growing it for their customers, as many people admire it hence the fast-growing number of prospective buyers.


Spray Rose Sweet Dimension from De Ruiter
Spray Rose Sweet Dimension®


Spray Rose Special Dimension®

Spray Rose Special Dimension is a soft pink rose variety that is already commercial. This variety also holds great potential and is grown commercially on several farms in Kenya. It continues to show great promise in the market.


 De Ruiter's Spray Rose Special Dimension
 De Ruiter's Spray Rose Special Dimension®


Other varieties from De Ruiter include Rose Mia®, a white variety that is also attracting great attention due to its intriguing white color and other special qualities, Rose Emira®, a pink rose noted for its bigger buds and greater quality, Rose Anne-Laure®, a tall, white highly productive variety with a big bud size and which is a mutation of the famous Rose Pomarosa®, as well as Rose Sorbonne®, a peachy, special-colored variety that opens into bloom with caramel color.  This variety is mainly targeted at the high-end market.

Further to these, DREA will also showcase numerous more attractive rose varieties at IFTEX, making this an event that you wouldn’t want to miss.




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