A Visit to Ichtus Flowers to See the Best Cut Phalaenopsis

A pioneer in growing cut Phalaenopsis, boasting 16 varieties year-round.

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 29-11-2023 | 3 min read
Ichtus Flowers

Welcome to all my flower friends again, on this visit to Ichtus Flowers, a niche grower of cut phalaenopsis. A place of color and exclusivity, where the beauty of phalaenopsis flowers and the dedication of a passionate team come together to create floral magic! I was shown these amazing greenhouses by Pieter Lips of Ichtus Flowers.

Ichtus Flowers Is Where Growing and Passion Meet

Founded in 1995 by Danier van der Spek in Moerkapelle, Ichtus Flowers began its journey with the cultivation of cut anthurium. Five years later, the team expanded with Bas Boevée, marking the start of an exciting expansion in anthurium cultivation.

In 2003, a significant milestone was the introduction of cut phalaenopsis, dedicating an initial 4,000m² of greenhouse space. The overwhelming success of this venture led to a rapid expansion, doubling the space in just two years. The growth trajectory of Ichtus Flowers is a testament to their dedication and skill in flower cultivation.


Phalaenopsis of Ichtus Flowers


2007 marked another leap forward with the construction of a new nursery in Waddinxveen, boasting 44,000m² of space. By 2010, Pieter Lips had joined the team, focusing on commercial responsibilities. The nursery dedicated 24,000m² to phalaenopsis, with the remainder to anthurium. Later, the focus shifted to include alocasia and philodendron, chosen for their stylish appearance and popularity in modern interiors. This meant a goodbye to the cultivation of anthurium.



Cut Phalaenopsis Are the Epitome of Elegance

Ichtus Flowers has been a pioneer in growing cut phalaenopsis, boasting sixteen varieties year-round. They always have ten experimental types to test from. These flowers, especially sought-after for weddings, are globally renowned. In fact, many Instagram wedding photos likely feature Ichtus' phalaenopsis!

Revolutionizing the market around 2010 by selling the phalaenopsis flower per stem, Ichtus Flowers saw a significant increase in sales, a move that underlines their innovative approach. These flowers aren't just beautiful; they're a symbol of Ichtus Flowers' dedication to excellence and innovation.

But there's more to Ichtus than just cut flowers. Since 2020, they've ventured into green houseplants, focusing on alocasia and philodendron. Covering 1.7 hectares, they offer 12 alocasia varieties, indicating their commitment to diversity and quality. Collaborating with breeders like Esprit, Evanthia, and Elsgeest Young Plants, Ichtus Flowers ensures a top-notch range of plants for its customers.


Plants of Ichtus Flowers


Celebrating the Unique Spirit of Ichtus Flowers

The team at Ichtus Flowers takes immense pride in its diverse assortment and market position, balancing an interesting range of products with unmatched quality and flexibility. This flexibility is particularly evident in their cut phalaenopsis operations, which include day-to-day deliveries and customized solutions tailored to each customer.

Traders highlight Ichtus Flowers' strengths in flexible handling, innovative assortment, and a commitment to introducing new products. For florists, the allure lies in the ornamental value of cut phalaenopsis, widely used in high-end markets and event flower arrangements.

Among the many varieties, the Phalaenopsis Beau Monde stands out for its team. Its dark purple hue and large blooms encapsulate the essence of Ichtus Flowers – a blend of beauty, quality, and innovation.


Pieter Lips of Ichtus Flowers
Pieter Lips with his Phalaenopsis Beau Monde


Exploring the Floral Elegance of Ichtus Flowers

As we wrap up my visit through Ichtus Flowers, it's clear that this nursery is not just about cultivating plants. It's about beauty,  innovation, and delivering excellence. From their humble beginnings to becoming a market leader, Ichtus Flowers continues to bloom, much like their exquisite phalaenopsis, into a symbol of elegance and quality in the floral world.


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