Sobolj at Flora Expo Astana 2023

Reporting from a blooming celebration of horticulture and design in the capital of Kazakhstan.

By: NATASJA MIRONOVA | 26-04-2023 | 3 min read
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Astana has been the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 1997. The city is located in the steppe area, on the river Ishim, with over one million inhabitants. From 20 to 22 April 2023, Astana has been a meeting place for professionals and enthusiasts from the international flower sector. This was already the tenth edition of the Flora Expo Astana.

Flora Expo Astana

Breeders, growers, traders, exporters, florists, and other experts in the field of landscape design, garden architecture, and landscape architecture were present at the Flora Expo 2023 fair.



International flower fairs have been organized in Astana before, but this year the event attracted extra attention and more visitors than before. Undoubtedly, this also has to do with changes in countries neighboring Kazakhstan, where flower fairs would currently attract far fewer visitors. But it is also a fact that Flora Expo 2023 has developed and grown positively over the years. Not only does the number of participants and visitors show an increase, but there is also a good development in terms of content.



Not only a visit to the exhibition floor was interesting and provided visitors with new insights and inspiration, but a business and substantive conference program also had a lot to offer, such as master classes and demonstrations by well-known international florists. The fifth edition of the championship of Kazakh florists was also held under the name 'Altyn Gul' or 'Golden Flower'. A symposium with the subject 'Planting Material 2023. Status and Prospects. Problems and Solutions' attracted many interested people.

There were exhibitors, visitors, florists, and other involved and interested parties from ten different countries. The number of participants (exhibitors) was about one hundred. And there were 8,000 visitors registered.


I was also represented by my company Sobolj. With my team, I have been able to provide support to several Dutch clients in the field of communication, networking, and PR. It was an interesting experience to be able to use my years of experience in this new area for me. It also shows how refreshing it can be to work out new ideas with other people and make new contacts, which I can then use for others, my existing and new clients.

Kazakh florists show different styles and traditions, which can inspire others. What also struck me was the relatively large number of young florists in Kazakhstan. An exchange of knowledge and experience, craftsmanship, and traditions between Russia, Central Asia, and Europe can be a great stimulus for the development of floral art in different parts of the world.

It was a rich experience to be involved in this beautiful event in Astana. A blooming celebration of horticulture and design. Moreover, this has given me the inspiration to develop the connection between Kazakhstan, which borders Russia, China, and other so-called Central Asian republics, and Europe in concrete projects in the field of flowers.


Flora Expo Astana 2023 florist competition


About Flora Expo Astana

The exhibition Flora Expo Astana was held nine years before the coronavirus and has established itself as the only professional business platform not only in Kazakhstan but also in Central Asian countries. It made an important contribution to the development of floriculture, horticulture, and the flower business of the republic.

Taking into account the request of consumers, the Flora Expo Astana exhibition has now been replenished with new projects. At the moment, it combines floriculture, gardening, and suburban construction on its site – Flora Expo Astana, Garden Expo Astana, and Village Expo Astana.

The Astana Flora Expo offers numerous benefits to both participants and attendees, including:


Golden Flower competition Astana 2023


Maybe it's worth while a visit to Astana next year?

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