Natasja Mironova
10 Questions to Natasja Mironova, the owner of Sobolj and Flower Experience Building and maintaining a solid network and bridging to other sectors will take you further in this industry.
May 08 | 8 min read
Event Multiplier
More Results With the Event Multiplier With the Event Multiplier more results can be achieved from every event.
Jan 10 | 2 min read
Sobolj Was at Flora Expo Astana 2023 feature on Thursd
Sobolj at Flora Expo Astana 2023 Reporting from a blooming celebration of horticulture and design in the capital of Kazakhstan.
Apr 26 | 3 min read
Trends From Different Worlds Meet in St. Petersburg at the 2021 ADD Awards Russian professional designers were surprised that trends also exist in the flower sector and that they are also being developed in a targeted manner.
Three Times Is a Charm for Flower Festival Saint Petersburg After several postponements, this traditional Russian floricultural event took to the streets of this Russian metropole.
Oct 02 | 3 min read
Sobolj and Flower Experience Experience marketing, communication, and networking in the Russian market
Jun 17 | 3 min read
Russians Prefer White Chrysanthemums What makes these flowers popular for years already?
Mar 31 | 2 min read
Another Busy Day for Russian Florists This Year! Important holiday after a cold and dark winter
Feb 25 | 3 min read
The Star of the St. Petersburg Flower Festival 210,000 people saw Pina Colada at the parade
Nov 11 | 2 min read

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