Black & Bold - a black flower wedding

A story by Diana Toma

By: DIANA TOMA EMC | 17-06-2020 | 2 min read
I could tell they were different the first time I've met them. A distinct natural elegance on her side, and the gentlemen attitude on his side, were giving me signs that this couple was going to be special. So they were telling me about their event, how it was going to be a rather small wedding with close relatives and friends, how they wanted the general look of the flowers at the venue to match the fancy, well respected restaurant that offers refined services, how her dress looked like... But somehow, I knew they were special. And then, she mentioned BLACK! I have been designing weddings ever since I started working with flowers. I started by freelancing for a local company a couple of years and then founded my own company. I didn't have a proper business plan, to be honest, nor any experience in being an entrepreneur, but one thing I knew from the beginning: I want to end up having those clients that trust me and allow me to best show their uniqueness within the wedding flowers concept. That was my vision for what I want to do and after years of hard work, education, and investing in myself, a couple like that comes along and marks a cornerstone where you feel you are on the right path. A black flower is a strong flower. Between all those infinite tints and shades of all the beautiful, bright, unique colors of the entire floral world, a black flower is a statement flower. I chose the Zantedeschia black and assorted it with Tillandsia Xerographica and Ranunculus Asiaticus in a dark burgundy shade. The calla lily best suited the bride's personality, it's beautiful clear lines and delicate texture being representative for her straightforward attitude balanced with natural elegance. The bouquet was made on a structure dressed in silky black yarn, following a perfect circular form, to visually Evoque the classic round-shaped bridal bouquet. I knew I will work with asymmetry on top, to create even more drama in the bouquet, so the perfect circle below brings opposites in the design. The Tillandsia Xerographica served as an illusion of a focal point in a composition that still, clearly states that this bride desired a black flower for her wedding. Needless to say, the day before the big event she wore a black dress for the civil ceremony, done with just a few close friends. The black calla was again in her bouquet, this time placed in a playfully wired structure together with dark purple dendrobium and green Tulipa Hybrida, for a more playful, less dramatic look. I loved this Black Wedding! Black flowers are truly fabulous to explore in design. They showcase the dark side of all the other colors and working with them, for me is most inspiring. Black Wedding - Diana Toma - Author on Thursd Kissing the Bride
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Diana Toma Emc

Diana Toma has years of experience in floral design and has created floral decorations for over 300 private and corporate events. Diana and her partner Dan Toma are the founders and designers at Atelier Teatru Verde. Diana is also a teaching assistant in the European Master Certification program.



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