Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible

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By: TIMO BOLTE | 14-10-2020 | 4 min read

One Number Bigger

Amazingly blue water, long sand beaches, big yachts, and villas. That’s what the holiday dreams of the super-rich are made of. Everything at the Costa Smeralda is one number bigger than everywhere else. So, it's not surprising that next to all these supercars which are queuing along the coast also XL events are very popular in Porto Cervo.
I enjoyed this place and the scenery we created for this special occasion.

Costa Smeralda

This event was to showcase Poltu Quatu as a gem at the Costa Smeralda coast to put it in the spotlight for events.     This beautifully hidden bay with its port is the perfect venue for events with a Mediterranean feeling. Arrival by private yacht with the Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu as the luxury overnight venue as a framing. The event was organized by the internationally well-known Monica Balli.     Together with star photographer Sam Sacramento, she's creating dream photos. The focus on this event was "la dolce vita", and what would fit better than the table wear from Versace, together with the stunning floral arrangements from Timo Bolte. Local Flowers are creating a stunning typical Sardinian atmosphere and the scent of lemons keeps the memories of this luncheon for much longer than the vacations lasted. We are sure, we will be back for much more intimate events like this in this hidden spot at the sparkling Costa Smeralda. Photographer: Sam Sacramento | Venue: Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu (Sardinia) | Organizer: Monica Balli | Floral Design: Timo Bolte Event Design | Table Wear: C&B Luxury Events | Styling: Stefan Bolte   Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible  

Pure Emotions

This was a pure emotional shooting for Sardinia Tourism. We want to show the world how beautiful and affordable a luxury Italian style vacation can be. Either for a honeymoon destination, weddings, or just for pleasure.     Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible - Blog Timo Bolte on Thursd tablesetting   Any trip to Italy reminds us of how the Italians value and celebrate all aspects of life. From taking time to eat and drink well, to spending time with family, to appreciating beautiful architecture and design, as well as living in a lovely warm climate. Whichever beautiful Italian town, city, or village you end up visiting, ask any local, and they will tell you why it’s the best one. Italians are fiercely proud of the place they’re from and will tell you all about its traditions and food. So we asked local suppliers to come together and capture this feeling of what makes the Costa Smeralda so special especially for a destination wedding.     We are starting the day on the boat. Reading the newspaper, of course with the obligatory cigarette. With an elegant champagne breakfast and Versace table wear. In the afternoon: La Dolce Vita! What does La Dolce Vita mean? "Sweet Life."   Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible   A quick picnic on the boat, a jump into the crystal turquoise sea. After that, we are going back to the villa. Yes, villa, as at the Costa Smeralda are no houses they are all villas with beautiful names like Villa Oleander, Villa Rosa, or Villa Rosmarino. Borgo Smeraldo is a beautiful new venue. It's placed on a mountain near Porto Cervo and overviewing the Costa Smeralda coast. It's built like a village of beautiful small villas around a central plaza.   Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible   Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible   Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible   Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible   A small cathedral is in the making and will be opened soon. So this is the perfect location for a wedding. Each family can have their own house with a pool and you have the whole village exclusively for your own. The best part here: from the party to the bed it's only a few meters walk. But who wants to sleep if you can rest at your private pool?     Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible   Photographer: Giuseppe Ortu | Venue: Borgo Smeralda and Sardinian Coast | Organizer: Timo Bolte Event Design | Floral Design: Timo Bolte Event Design | Event Prop Hire: C&B Luxury Events | Styling: Stefan Bolte | Beach Wear: Solo Blu | Corals and Shells: Bodega del Corallo | Boat: Itama45s

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo and also the military fortress Forte Cappellini are locations of rare beauty. Its position gives every day the emotion of one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets. It's located in a space surrounded by uncontaminated nature, a pearl of golden sand with a crystalline sea. Porto Cervo is the perfect spot where to enjoy sunny days and well-being with the best comforts until the sundowner. Did you fall in love now with Porto Cervo, and want to have your XL event? Our Team is happy to plan with you an epic party. Get in touch with us.     Costa Smeralda Is the Place Where Everything Is Possible - Blog Timo Bolte on Thursd Evening Exotic evenings  
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Timo Bolte

Timo Bolte is a very talented German luxury event designer with floral design education who can successfully transform every single event and make it look unreal! His passion for his job and his skills in combination with his experienced team can design and approach an event perfectly with less stress and much more confidence, offering his clients both inspiration and information as he provides unique tips, planning, designing, and executing every vision. Timo Bolte has won many awards for his impressive artwork and now he is one highly talented young designer that always fascinates and surprises people with his work. He is a true dream maker that touch people’s lives and emotions through his plants and floral designs. His credo is the nearness to the plant. Together with the control of the most different creation schemata, it is above all the unconditional respect for the natural growth forms which constitute the creation of Timo Bolte. He looks at flowers as a cultural asset. And if he speaks then of himself as a cultural-creative, resonate in it his esteem and love for flowers and plants.


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