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Lisa-Maria Thalmayr

Lisa-Maria Thalmayr is an artist and international floral designer based in Salzburg, Austria. Her work is inspired and influenced by nature. With her trade LIS ART, she's working in various fields. She is teaching students on their way to becoming floral designers.

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Floral Designs Newly Arrived Rose Nova Vita Shines the Brightest Light This pristine white rose from breeder United Selections makes your special moments glamorous.
Nov 17 | 2 min read
Floral Designs Mangave Makes You Feel Good With Nature "I want to hold the plants. I want to talk to them and touch them. Being in connection with them."
May 30 | 2 min read
Floral Designs Kowalski Asked Me to Be Part of His Art, to Show Love in Its Full Bloom With Red Roses It's about getting out of your comfort zone into other ones. To open up to each other's creativity, to reach the highest goal.
Nov 10 | 3 min read
Floral Designs The Amazing Decofresh Roses - From Yellow to Red The journey starts with making real what's in your head. And I think that's the most incredible thing about our job. We make it happen.
Oct 20 | 3 min read
Let's Blow up the Volume With New Rose Pimms From Decofresh - A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose If we do roses, we do it full-on
Aug 26 | 4 min read
I'm Having the Wedding Vibes Two important things: the season and the wedding couple
Apr 22 | 2 min read
Forging a Close Bond by Designing Together Let design bring us together and make us dream
Mar 10 | 1 min read
Floral Designs Create a More Natural Touch by Unfolding the Petals of a Rose A perfect scene with the Snowstorm+ rose
Dec 09 | 2 min read

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