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Glam girl in search of a long-lasting friendship

By: THURSD. | 10-09-2019 | 2 min read

My name is Cymbidium Benthe. I’m a brown-colored Himalayan beaut and people call me an #interioricon; here to easily impress you with my wealth of flowers. With my roots originating in the Far East, you may assume that I like my surroundings warm and moist. This will put me out of my comfort zone like a wallflower visiting her first prom. Keep me ensured from fresh air, but avoid draughts or cold. No extreme temperatures, please!


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Some may appreciate me for the glamour I bring into a home, others may see me as a sturdy and strong flower that wishes to shine on its own. If you pick me, some traditions promise you a strong friendship and a fertile future. You lucky thing, you! We both know what those occasions may lead up to. If we tap into that friendship theme though, ours is here to last for a long time. Not like any other generic supermarket weekly flower, I will brighten up your life for 4 to 6 weeks. My natural flowering period is between September and April but you can find me year-round at your preferred Thursd. grower. Singular shinings are my forte. I mean, I have plenty of – 6 or more (!) – flowers per stem that do the styling trick in every house Even if you put me in a corner, no pet or painting will outshine my appearance.


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Nowadays I also love to hang out with my wildflower friends. We create a gathered bouquet and amplify how playful a modern flower combination can be. My sweet smell also combines nicely with the minty scent of eucalyptus. Put me in a tropical design with my girl anthurium and you get an abundant and colorful design – fun times guaranteed. A one-two on how to keep our relationship steady is as follows: You style me in your most glamorous vase with a front row sighting at your fertilization/friendship situation, and you cut my stem for 1 cm before putting me in the vase. Repeat every 5 days in order to keep me happy for the entire 4-6 weeks. Lukewarm water is my signature drink, I take it with a twist. But isn’t that what you like about me?


Cymbidium Benthe

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