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THURSD. is the online floral meetup spot where international professionals in floriculture connect and expand the online conversation. Thursd gives an independent insight into the total floriculture supply chain and showcases content related to beautiful products, services, and businesses.

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Contribute - Expert Blogger on Thursd Join Thursd and show your expertise to the flower industry
Mar 24 | 2 min read
Decorum From a Grower's Perspective Why consistency and reliability and a strong brand is important in the flower industry.
Sep 16 | 4 min read
Are You the Next Flower and Plant Spotter on Thursd? Show us what's happening at your local market
Jul 01 | 2 min read
Driven by Nature, The Wunderkammer Creating an exquisite world full of natural artefacts and unique settings
Jun 08 | 6 min read
Closer to Nature with Monika Bębenek The need for beauty and sensual discovery
May 19 | 5 min read
Celebrity Florists Putnam & Putnam These New York based florists blew up on social media
Mar 25 | 13 min read
Katie Laura Ashton, Sharing Creations and Building Connections Bringing a sense of community and laughter to the floral industry
Mar 11 | 3 min read
Flowers Panda Anemone a Dainty Party Disruptor A more delicate touch than its dark center may suggest.
Feb 28 | 3 min read
The Beauty of a Guiding Star with Anca Ungureanu Ornithogalum White Star | Star of Bethlehem
Feb 24 | 2 min read
Novelties The Alstroemeria Florinca Line Has A New Minty Green Member Florinca Mojito
Feb 19 | 3 min read
Floral Designs Bloemenmeisjes - Communicating Through Flowers Exceeding the expectations of clients makes it exciting to work in floristry.
Feb 17 | 8 min read
King Protea White Bigger and bolder than your traditional flower
Feb 13 | 3 min read
Interviews Being Proud in the Floral World Floral Pride, a manifest through flowers.
Feb 13 | 4 min read
Sexy Lip Planter A fun and quirky way of showcasing your plants
Feb 12 | 1 min read
Sempre. Life A way of Sharing Life
Feb 05 | 1 min read
Bountiful Beautiful Bohemian Blooms A feast for the eyes bursting with magic and romance
Feb 04 | 14 min read
Renowned International Floral Designer Timo Bolte "I use my design to make a statement and to give my work a personal magnificent signature"
Jan 28 | 11 min read
This is Thursd. Promote your products & stories with a global audience
Jan 27 | 1 min read
IPM Essen 2020 First impressions
Jan 27 | 1 min read
Honey Highway This charity organization aims to preserve and bring back native wild bees and Dutch honey bees
Sep 11 | 1 min read
Orchids This Is Cymbidium Benthe Glam girl in search of a long-lasting friendship
Sep 10 | 2 min read

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