More Results With the Event Multiplier

With the Event Multiplier more results can be achieved from every event.

By: NATASJA MIRONOVA | 10-01-2024 | 2 min read
How It Works
Event Multiplier

Since the introduction of the internet, the world has changed quite a bit. I am not telling you anything new with this. What I have noticed, however, is that in the floriculture sector, by no means everyone has kept up with the changing world. And this is all the more striking because competition in the floriculture sector is also getting stronger worldwide.

Event Multiplier

Looking at these two developments, I see opportunities to improve communication by companies in the floriculture sector, and thus their economic prosperity. This is how I came to develop a new product with which I want to help companies get ahead by connecting the physical world and the online world. I call that product the Event Multiplier: with a thoughtful approach to communication, more results can be achieved from every event.


Event Multiplier Natasja Mironova


As examples, I would mention participation in trade fairs, open days, and flower trials. Not only does this allow you to reach physical visitors, but also the many people who are also interested or can be made interested. Thus, the return on investment in organizing open days, a flower trial, or an investment in a stand at a trade fair with all the trimmings, is greatly increased!

A Tailored Interpretation

How? Through a tailored strategy per event and its careful execution. Creating content and sharing it appropriately via digital communication channels - that is the core. There is no ready-made plan that everyone can use. In close consultation with my clients, I give the Event Multiplier a unique interpretation every time.


Event Multiplier Natasja Mironova


I am happy that my idea fits well with Thursd's philosophy and that I have also come into contact with companies interested in the Event Multiplier through the creators of this broad platform.

I would like to quote Jelle Posthumus of United Selections. With the team of United Selections, I have been able to apply the Event Multiplier to several global trade fair participations of this company in recent months. This has increased the impact of the presentations or trade shows. By digitally targeting content.

Jelle Posthumus saw the significance of the Event Multiplier for the company and he thanked the people of Thursd for bringing United Selections and me together.

"Based on Natasja Mironova's contribution and ideas, we have made some nice, big steps,"

Jelle said.

So are untapped opportunities for other companies. I look forward to helping those companies move forward too in 2024.


Event Multiplier Natasja Mironova
That's me, Natasja Mironova
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Natasja Mironova

My motto: "The opportunities you can take advantage of go beyond national borders." Creating added value through effective communication. This results in the brands and products of my customers being optimally positioned through influencing, networking, and communication.



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