First-Ever Hippy Psychedelic Roses Love-In at Jet-Fresh Flowers

Attendees receive exclusive Hippy Psychedelic Rose Love-In swag to commemorate this groovy occasion

By: ASHLEY BLACK | 02-07-2021 | 1 min read
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Look out, Hippy Psychedelic Roses are hitting the road for the first-ever Hippy Psychedelic Rose Love-In hosted at Nordlie Detroit, MI! Presenting with Jet Fresh Flowers from Miami and Ecuador, come spend the day with us surrounded by fun, flowers, food and music on October 20, 2021 starting at 11am.   Psychedelic Roses - Jet Fresh on Thursd

Hippy Psychedelic Roses Love-In

Prepare to see a wide range of color-enhanced Hippy Psychedelic Roses from our large selection. For floral designers who’ve been intrigued by color-enhanced roses but also heistant, this is the place to be to see them in action. Visitors will get a first-hand look at the many different Hippy Psychedelic Roses offered from our boutique farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, and get to see them perform in arrangements during the live floral demonstrations.  

A Groovy Occasion

Attendees will also receive exclusive Hippy Psychedelic Rose Love-In swag to commemorate this groovy occasion. But that’s not all! We will also have a Hippy Psychedelic Love-In Costume Contest for a cash prize. Come dressed in your best hippy gear to be eligible to win.     The Hippy Psychedelic Rose Love-In is a free event open to customers of Nordlie Detroit, MI. Scroll down to sign up.  

  Hippy Psychedelic Rose Love-In Hosted by Nordlie Detroit & Jet Fresh Flowers Located at Nordlie Detroit, MI 25300 Guenther Warren, MI 48091 October 20, 2021 From 11am until ? Let us know you’re coming! Sign up for the free event by clicking the button below.   Learn more button

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