Giving Alstroemeria Sumatra a Special Place in My Flower World

The peachy tone plus the perfection of its shape has made this flower one of my latest favorites.

By: GAÉTAN JACQUET | 14-02-2024 | 3 min read
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Konst Alstroemeria's Sumatra variety

Why is it that alstroemerias add so much delicacy and suaveness to any design? I believe these flowers are a boom and bloom for any creative design. Their versatility and their soft and floaty shape allow endless creations that can be used for different types of occasions and situations. Why do I love them so much? Find out in this article.

The Alstroemeria - A Flower That is in Tune With the Beauty of Nature and Time

When we talk about alstroemerias in the world of flowers, too often my florist and decorator colleagues pause and express a certain disinterest towards this flower. I sincerely believe that this is a serious mistake. Alstroemerias have numerous advantages.

Firstly, its range of colors; almost all shades are available except natural blue. Its shape, whether in the flower itself or in the branching form, there is always the ideal alstroemeria for the intended arrangement. Its preservation — do you know many flowers with a gradual and regular blooming that lasts so long, are all associated with modest water needs?


Spectacular arangement using Alstroemeria Sumatra by Gaetan Jacquet
My delicate design using Alstroemeria Sumatra by Könst Alstroemeria


Its simplicity of work — yes, it is still one of the simplest flowers to maintain — its cleanness, the ease of preservation, and the pleasure of working with are all benefits of beloved alstroemeria flowers. The leaves come off very easily, the stem is tender and can be cut equally well with a knife or pruning shears. Nevertheless, its aesthetic versatility fits in absolutely all styles. Alstroemerias are comfortable being placed in contemporary styles with their pure forms and sumptuous color gradients, as well as in more rustic styles with their countless colorful flowers arranged in bouquets. There's one in particular that has stood out for me recently... Alstroemeria Sumatra. You're about to know the details of why I loved working with this gorgeousness so much.

Alstroemeria Sumatra - A Variety I Cherish Greatly and Love to Work With

If you ask me, Alstroemeria Sumatra will be the alstroemeria of tomorrow. The big trend for this year is peach and apricot tones, and there is an alstroemeria in the market, or should I say a little gem, that ticks all the boxes of elegance. The flowers of the Alstroemeria Sumatra by breeder Könst Alstroemeria have that little extra that surpasses all others. Beyond its peach color which fits perfectly with the trend, its sublime flowers are simply gigantic. You can forget about the frail and fragile alstroemerias and make way for this resistant, solid, generous, opulent jewel... It is simply hypnotic and captivating. I particularly love it if you haven't understood.


Detail of Alstroemeria Sumatra flowers by Konst
Details of the petals of Alstroemeria Sumatra


Let us give thanks to this flower in all our creations because it knows perfectly how to fit into all our trendy, modern, romantic, or classic creations, whether in association with other flowers or in monovarietal. This marvel restores nobility to a flower too often left aside and denigrated.


Oval shaped arrangement by Gaetan Jacquet using Sumatra alstroemeria


More personally, I have chosen to work it alone in an oval container lined with bark to showcase it perfectly. This is a composition with a contemporary shape, but the alstroemeria flower has this surprising ability to fit absolutely into all styles. It also has the power to bridge elements that might seem incompatible. As evidence, these decidedly contemporary compositions have found their perfect places in the Napoleon-style décor of the Palladian villa.


Peach colored Sumatra alstroemerias


This little magic trick is only possible with a small group of flowers, of which alstroemerias are a part. They belong to the group of timeless flowers that will remain timeless and decidedly surprising. Attention, make way for the new star of flowers.


Photos by Nicolas Manzoni from GraféO.



Könst Alstroemeria

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