I Designed a Black Moon

It is not easy to find dark and black flowers in the Hong Kong floral market

By: VEN LAM | 13-05-2020 | 2 min read
Floral Designs

This unique design can be placed in high-end shops, such as brand handbags, clothing stores, and expensive jewellery furnishings. I absolutely believe that this black moon can enhance all the unique styles.

Black represents mystery, nobleness and elegance. You can place it in any high-end venue. The feature of this design is not only the dark black element, but also the application of the material. I bought this translucent special fabric from Belgium when I was taking an EMC Advanced Course with the final exams. This material is really very special. So I took it back to Hong Kong! I wrapped it into a circle wreath with a gap. And then put an oasis in the centre of the circle for flower material. Then I fixed it on the steel stand to make it look spacious.

For me, there are a lot of restrictions and difficulties in choosing flowers and foliage, because it is not easy to find all the flowers I want in the Hong Kong floral market. Also because of the demand for the dark/black flowers and foliage is low.  Most of the people in Hong Kong would prefer pastel and bright color of flowers.

Ven Lam Hong Kong Flower Market

Therefore, I used a floral glossy spray for Monstera deliciosa and turn it into black to match the theme. Fortunately, I bought a small amount of the dyed colored Roses as the main flower, and place some Senecio herrianus to make a color contrast and comparison of texture with the black fabric. Color is very important in a floral design, or any design, because it is the first impression of the masterpiece.  Therefore the designers advise for color preference to your customer is a must. Have a look at my business profile: Ven Red Florist Hong Kong 

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Ven Lam

Ven Lam has a love for art since she was a child. She has a strong passion for design and color and believes that nature is full of mystery and vitality. Fascinated with the boundless possibilities of creation, her floral designs are a combination of art, color and life.


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