These Are the Trending Houseplants for 2023

Just as fashion and paint colors are tracked to see what’s in and what’s out, there are houseplant trends as well. These beauties will influence what you choose for your home.

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New year, new plants, new greens to keep embellishing your favorite spots with the world's greatest gift: nature. Filling up spaces with green is becoming seemingly popular, besides the fact they aesthetically add an extra value to spots and they are good for our health as well. Next year is bringing seven types of popular houseplants that will invade every home.

Meet the Trending Houseplants for 2023

Is your fiddle leaf fig acting a little too... simple? Is the Monstera in the corner gradually becoming white noise in visual form? Don't worry, lovers of indoor plants, to stay on the cutting edge, we've prepared the ideal verdant match for your house with these seven trending 2023 houseplants.

1. Alocasia Black Velvet

This is a very demanded option that'll reign over in 2023 as a low-light houseplant. The Alocasia Black Velvet has of course black velvety leaves which leaves evidence that this easy-going plant doesn't require much light. Alocasia plants thrive in indirect light that is between mild and bright. Keep them out of direct, bright sunlight and even dim light.


One of the best black plants is the Alocasia Black Velvet on Thursd
Alocasia Black Velvet

Give them fresh water once to twice a week (less frequently in cooler weather, more frequently in warmer weather), letting the potting mix become halfway dry in between applications. If the air in your home is dry, think about adding a humidifier or pebble tray to help this plant thrive.

2. Bird of Paradise Tree

What better way to make a statement than with a tree-like indoor plant, which is increasingly becoming a permanent fixture in interior design? Oversized plants, which are six feet or taller, fit the proportions of high ceilings better and, because of their height, can stand alone as a living artwork.


Bird of Paradise Tree Trending houseplants 2023 on Thursd
Strelitzia a.k.a. Bird of Paradise. Photo: Plantshop

Although Strelitzia (a.k.a. Bird of Paradise) plants thrive best in a sunny location, they prefer bright light (both direct and indirect). The optimum placement is typically near a north or east-facing window, or a few feet away from a south or west-facing window. Definitely one of the seven trendiest houseplants for 2023.

3. Cat Palm

We'll observe plant parents opting to invest in plants that can adapt to numerous places in their home, including the outdoors, as the cost of living rises. The ideal choice for indoor-outdoor plants is a hardy plant that can withstand significant temperature changes and flourish under varying light conditions. For this reason, the Cat Palm (Chamaedora Cataractarum) is the perfect option and one that will be a trending houseplant in 2023.


Palm tree trending houseplant for 2023 on Thursd
Chamaedora Cataractarum a.k.a. Cat Palm. Photo: My Garden Life


Place your plants in the areas where you spend the most time, which are typically pleasant interior settings in the winter and outdoor patios and balconies in the summer. Bright, indirect light is what the luscious Cat Palm requires for proper growth. Water till it freely flows into the saucer when the soil is roughly 50% dry.

4. Stromanthe Triostar

Dark foliage and variegated plants are more adaptable to different areas of your home because they can tolerate a little bit less light than their all-green competitors. To really make your vibrant leaf stand out, try arranging it next to a bright white wall or pairing it with the complementary color of the plant. Yet another very interesting houseplant that will be trending in 2023.


Houseplants for 2023 Stromanthe Triostar on Thursd
Stromanthe Triostar. Photo: Plantshop

Bright, indirect light is excellent for the Stromanthe Triostar, so make sure you have that. Although the plant can endure low light, direct sunlight is likely to scorch the leaves and cause them to lose their vibrant color. It is recommended to water thoroughly until water drips through the drainage holes when 25% or 50% of the soil is dry. When growth naturally slows in the winter, decrease how often you water.

5. Philodendron Imperial Red

If you didn't get the memo, red will be a color that will be everywhere in 2023. You can read the article 'Thursd Floral Trend Color 2023 - Passion Red' to know more about it and why you need a Philodendron Imperial Red plant at home. This houseplant has become a popular choice because of its eye-catching greenery and usually laid-back atmosphere. Philodendron Imperial Red begins as a bright red flower that develops into a rich burgundy color and then dark green as it ages.


Low maintenance houseplant Philodendron Imperial Red on Thursd
Philodendron Imperial Red

This burgundy beauty thrives in indirect light that is either medium or brilliant. Give this plant one to two weeks of watering, letting the soil completely dry out in between. In brighter light and warmer temperatures, air on watering increases, and in winter months, it decreases. You can learn more about this plant in the article 'A Red Houseplant? It’s a Yes! Meet Philodendron Imperial Red'.

6. Money Tree

As remote work becomes the norm for many, there will be a move toward creating home offices that are not just practical but also attractive, cozy, and healthy. Plants are a crucial component of the puzzle, contributing demonstrable gains in productivity and creativity. Choose low-maintenance plants that develop slowly and are tolerant of low light to avoid being constantly interrupted by the need to care for them.


Trending Houseplants for 2023 money tree plant on Thursd
Pachira Aquatica, a.k.a. Money Tree


The Pachira Aquatica, a.k.a. Money Tree, may adapt to reduced light levels, while it naturally favors indirect, strong light. To maintain balanced growth, rotate it every month. When soil is 50% to 75% dry, water thoroughly until water drains through the pot. Money trees like consistency, so try to pick a permanent spot for your plant. Read all about how this plant can help increase oxygen levels in your home in the article '35 Best Indoor Plants That Clean the Air and Remove Toxins'.

7. String of Succulent Varieties (Senecio)

The edges and corners of spaces tend to be the natural locations for newly introduced houseplants. Since there are windows here, the light is usually the brightest. Plant parents will gravitate to groups of smaller, low-growing plants that can breathe life into the middle of a room as those spaces fill up.


String of succulents houseplants on Thursd
Two senecio varieties. Photo: Camille Styles


All three of the plants—the String of Pearls, Bananas, and Pickles—thrive in direct sunlight (and may not survive at all without it). This said, allow the soil of all three to completely dry out before watering. Water them all until it drips through the pot’s drainage holes, then pour out whatever water is left in the saucer.

If you know what they're called, they might be easier to find: Senecio Radicans is the botanical name for String of Bananas, Senecio Herreianus is the scientific alter ego for String of Pickles, and Senecio Rowleyanus is a difficult way to say String of Pearls.

Your Favorite?

Which houseplant do you think will become your favorite and will be dominating the spaces in your home? 



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