Are These Lilies or Young Birds?

For these designs I thought of a small tree and a nest with colorful birds, bright green nightingales, and mild cuckoos.

By: CLAUDIA TARARACHE | 03-05-2023 | 4 min read
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Do you know why lilies are special? They bring a touch of elegance and attitude to every design. The design I created was a special order for a prestigious hotel in Constanta, Romania. I decorated the branches with colorful lilies thinking of a small tree populated with colorful birds, bright green nightingales, and mild cuckoos. The design represents a live tree, mesmerized by strong lilies’ perfume welcoming the long-awaited spring.

Lilies Have a Special Place in My Heart

Lilies have a special place in my heart because of their grace, beauty, and versatility. They have been a symbol of purity, love, and celebration for centuries, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a wedding, a birthday, or a simple get-together with friends, lilies always bring an element of class and sophistication to the event.

As a floral designer, I find endless inspiration in lilies. Their range of colors and shapes means that they can be used in various arrangements, from bold and vibrant to soft and understated. I love experimenting with different combinations to create unique designs that capture the essence of each occasion.

In this particular project, I was commissioned by a prestigious hotel in Constanta to create a stunning centerpiece for their lobby. I knew immediately that I wanted to use lilies to bring a touch of elegance and grace to the design. To create a sense of movement and life, I decided to construct a small tree adorned with colorful lilies, reminiscent of a tree filled with exotic birds.


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Lilies from Bredefleur

To begin, I selected a variety of lilies from grower Bredefleur in different colors and sizes. I chose rich pinks and bright oranges to bring warmth and vibrancy to the design. I also included white lilies to provide a sense of balance and purity. To create the tree structure, I used a combination of natural branches and sturdy wire, carefully arranging them to form a strong, stable frame.

Next, I began to attach the lilies to the branches, starting at the base and working my way upwards. I grouped the lilies in clusters to create the appearance of colorful birds perched on the branches. By changing the colors of the lilies I interspersed the closed flowers the played the role of the green nightingales and mild cuckoos throughout the arrangement to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness.

As I continued to build the tree, I was careful to maintain a sense of balance and proportion. I wanted the arrangement to be eye-catching and dramatic, without overwhelming the space. I achieved this by carefully selecting the size and placement of each lily, ensuring that they were evenly distributed throughout the design.

Once the tree was complete, I stepped back to admire my work. The colorful lilies seemed to dance in the light, their delicate petals shimmering as they caught the sun. The sweet scent of the lilies filled the air, a fragrant reminder of the promise of spring.


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Bird's Nests With Lilies

Inspired by the tree and the opening lilies that made me think of young birds in their next tweeting their parents for food, I created several bird's nests. One of wood and two in a playful pot. It's just your imagination, you know, that makes it what you think it is. And it worked! The tree, with its vibrant lilies and playful birds, seemed to be complemented by the three separately placed bird's nests, bringing the space to life, and transforming the atmosphere from cold and formal to warm and inviting.

It was incredibly rewarding to see the impact that my creation had on the space, and I felt honored to have been given the opportunity to share my passion for floral design with others.


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The Power and Beauty of Lilies

As a floral designer, it's moments like these that remind me of the power and beauty of flowers. Lilies, in particular, have a unique ability to elevate any design, infusing it with elegance, grace, and charm. Whether they're used in a simple bouquet or as part of an elaborate arrangement, lilies have a timeless appeal that never fails to captivate and enchant.

Whether you're a fellow floral designer or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of flowers, I hope that my story has inspired you to explore the world of lilies and discover the endless possibilities that they offer. From a single stem in a vase to an elaborate, tree-like centerpiece, lilies have the power to transform any space and evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment.

So, the next time you're in search of the perfect flower for your event or arrangement, consider the tremendous lily. With its elegance, grace, and versatility, it is sure to bring a touch of magic and beauty to any design. And who knows? You may just find yourself falling in love with these captivating blooms, just as I have.


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The lilies used in these designs are Lily Dalian, Lily Master 5+, Lily Nymph, Lily Zambesi Supra, and Lily Zelmira.
pecial thanks to grower Bredefleur and wholesaler Salaba.


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Claudia Tararache is a floral designer and manager of Anthurium Flowers in Constanta, Romania. "I consider my style as contemporary, modern European. We all need to discover the world of flowers, enjoy the great beauty they have to offer us and in turn teach people to offer love and show more happiness to those around them! This job is pure art, although we do not refer to ourselves as artists, but as art lovers who enjoy working with flowers and love nature!"



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