My Green Friday With Red and White Alstroemerias

I wanted to design something that would leave memories. An interior object is nice to remake a few times with different flowers.

By: IOACHIM EREMA | 24-11-2021 | 2 min read
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It's Green Friday. I get more and more inspired by a sustainable lifestyle, both as a person and as a florist. My designs also show this more and more. So, when I received these wonderful, sustainably grown(!) alstroemerias from Dutch forward grower Tesselaar Alstroemeria I feel like designing something that will leave memories.

My Green Friday

Have you heard it's Black Friday again? You probably have, because you can't miss it in the commercials and ads everywhere. But did you know there is a growing movement that opposes all that mass consumption? Many businesses and people just say "No" to this money madness, and spend their day either buying something that helps the preservation of nature or simply buying nothing at all. No contribution to pollution today, that's the message.   My Green Friday With Red and White Alstroemerias quote  

Refreshing Home Decoration

Flowers are home decoration, we all know that of course. But what if the flower itself would have an enhanced and refreshing role to play as home deco, like in being a lamp. It's not necessary to buy a new lamp, it's Black Friday after all, but you just make one yourself with these stunning and strong alstros. I have used the red alstroemeria Noize and the white alstroemeria Mistral, two colors that can be used as a mono decoration, but they also fit together very well in a design, and they match with pretty much every floral arrangement with other types of flowers. I wanted to design something that would leave memories. An interior object is nice to remake a few times with different flowers. These three alstroemeria originals are perfect to have in your home.    

The Lamps

If it looks like a lamp, if it shines like a lamp, then it must be a lamp! With the help of alstroemeria Noize and some Icelandic moss, I decorated a set of two lamps and a standing lamp. The blooms of this alstro are so big and open! I loved working with these flowers.    

The Y

'Why' (Y) is one of the biggest questions people can ask. And there often are no simple answers to that question. My Y is not a question, it's an answer, a sign of equality: why we are all equal. in spite of differences in gender, race, and religion. White is the color of innocence, open-mindedness, and being free of prejudices and bias. That's why I used this bright white alstroemeria Mistral in this design.  
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Ioachim Erema

Ioachim Erema was first introduced to the world of flowers at the age of fifteen in Romania, where he was born. In his early 20s, he moves to the U.K. where he continued to broaden his skills. Throughout his journey, he's had opportunities to create unique floral designs for the Royal Family, state visits, BAFTA Television Awards, weddings, and many more. He runs his own business in the U.K. named Bamboo Flowers. Ioachim won Gold Award at Floral Art London in August 2019. He is well known in the U.K.for teaching workshops and as a demonstrator. He participates in both national and international floral exhibits.



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