Red or Pink Lilies for Your Valentine?

Does the lady like to play, or does she like to rock? Red or Pink? Or both? Don't Judge her by the color.

By: ANNA LAMOT-BACH | 01-02-2023 | 2 min read
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What's it going to be this Valentine's Day? Lilies, obviously, are a great choice for Cupid. But then the color... Must it be red? Or better Pink? Does it matter with these beautiful flowers that shout "Don't judge me by the color!" Let's see for ourselves.

Lilies for Your Valentine

She likes to play, she loves to rock. You have lilies in your mind this Valentine's Day. So what's a good option? Red or pink? Pokerface or Albufeira? Both lilies are a great pick. Unscented, long-lasting (over three weeks!), and fabulous.

So, to make the right choice, let’s dig a little deeper - shall we?


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Lily Pokerface as 'The Lady in Red'

"I've never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight… I've never seen you shine so bright."

The Pokerface lily is like the lady from the song by Chris De Burgh. The picture was taken on the beach in Mornington, a windy beach north of Dublin, Ireland. The flower stems are strong, like the tower on Mornington beach.


Lily Pokerface Mornington beach on Thursd
Lily Pokerface


This lily has freckles!  This beauty is all about the red feeling of Love and Passion. The red color is often the best choice for expressing unconditional love.

Valentine's choice, I dare to say. Definitely! This lily is all about love, dedication, loyalty, and devotion.


Lily Albufeira as a 'Venus'

"A goddess on a mountain top was burning like a silver flame. The summit of beauty and love. And Venus was her name."

According to Greek mythology, people regarded the lily as a symbol of sexuality. The pink Lily Albufeira is like a frivolous goddess when she blooms. She likes to play, she loves to rock. She is delicate, perfect long-lasting, and unique.


Lily Albufeira by Anna Lamot-Bach on Thursd
Lily Albufeira


If you are looking for other ideas for Valentines you can design heart shape forms (try ®Oasis Floral Products) with a wooden base, which I spray with metallic colors to match the Albufeira soft pink petals of the lilies, together with feathers and viburnum flowers.

The design will be a perfect gift. A romantic dinner table decoration, or a display on your romantic walk down the beach.


Lily Albufeira design by Anna Lamot-Bach on Thursd


Head Full of Lilies?

Do you have your head full of lilies already? Why not! The lily represents our proclamation of love and lust. She can be the Lady in Red, but also a Venus.

Are you ready for your Valentine?

Don't judge me by the color, just say it with your own lily of love...


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More of me on @flowerpassion81. Photos by Natalia Laube Photography.
Lily Pokerface and Lily Albufeira are grown by Bredefleur.


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Anna Lamot-Bach

International Championship 2010 from Poland 3rd place (Florint diploma certificate). Working and living in Ireland as a wedding decorator. Awards: 2014 Wedding Bouquet Category - Oxford 2019 Brown Award - category growing spaces International Designer of the year Fusion Flowers Magazine Over 20 years of experience in the wedding floral industry. Organizing weddings workshops in Poland since 2016. Published work in several Polish florist magazines and Russian floral magazines. Organized the 2018 Weddings Floral Trends Show for Oasis Floral Products in Warszawa (Poland) at Ptak Expo Warsaw. Did the Inspirational Show at Expo MTP Poznan for Oasis Smithers Products and Flora Life supported by Marginpar, Avalanche Roses, and Ansu in 2020.



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