Rose Malaga Is the Perfect Rose for All Kinds of Occasions and Events

"This is what I have created and my opinion about this orange novelty."

By: SARAH WILLEMART | 27-04-2022 | 2 min read
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Right after Easter 2022, Decofresh Roses introduced a brand new orange rose called Malaga. I was one of the chosen designers to be able to work with this new variety by Kenyan grower Akina. Please check what I have created and what is my opinion about this orange novelty.

First Impression of Rose Malaga

The first thing that struck me when I received the very first bucket of Malaga roses, was the very beautiful orange color. These roses are very bright, they have an astoundingly light yet warm orange color.


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Rose Malaga Akina Decofresh Salar Willemart - on Thursd


Perfect for Many Occasions and Events

Rose Malaga to me seems perfect for a wide range of occasions and events, big and small. I can imagine them in a luxury summery bouquet, in a lush bridal design, and for special autumn arrangements.

I have tested these new roses thoroughly, and I must say they open graciously, actually slightly as a garden rose with its heart filled with folded petals. On opening, the orange tones really come to life, and the roses start to shine brightly.



My Malaga Creations

I love to make natural creations, so that is what you see back in the design I made with this Malaga rose. The color is very natural by itself, which makes it easy for me to mix with many other flowers and greens, even plants like the Mangave.

I chose to work with them in different aspects, in table supports for decoration or in the form of a very spring-like bouquet. I used a cork as support and hedera with berries and Mangave Pineapple Express sticking out as fillers. The dark berries and serrated leaves of the Mangave give it a kind of creepy look, so more toward Halloween, perhaps?

My other designs are monovarietal. I use a single flower in a single tube or a small bottle because these roses look very pretty as a table decoration. The green and dark hedera berries support the flower perfectly.


Rose Malaga Photo by Guy Van Langenhove - on Thursd
Photo by Guy Van Langenhove


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