Mangaves Are Very Trendy and a Feast for the Eye One of the trends of today goes in the direction of industrial. But a minimalist style does not mean that the outcome of a design is always going to be sober. The result might just as easily be very colorful.
What Do Floral Designers Say About the New Rose Malaga? Here's an anthology of the responses and photography from top designers.
Rose Malaga Is the Perfect Rose for All Kinds of Occasions and Events "This is what I have created and my opinion about this orange novelty."
Apr 27 | 2 min read
My First Impression on the All-New White Rose Nova Vita "This big new brilliant white rose from United Selections is ideal for weddings, perfectly in time for the bridal season."
Callas for a Scorched Earth Very elegant flowers with magnificent colors.
Rock Poetry "Chrysanthemums are ideal flowers to work with"
Nov 20 | 1 min read
The Pina Colada Chrysanthemum is Robust and Very Pleasant to Work With I really like the Pina Colada cream
Nov 11 | 2 min read
Sarah Willemart and Peach Avalanche+ Six French florists and their designs with Avalanche+ roses
Jun 24 | 1 min read

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