Rose Snowstorm+ Excels on Weddings

"This Dümmen Orange rose is the ideal rose to work with when everything - location, dress, catering, and flowers - has to be at its very best."

By: MARTIJN SCHEVERNELS | 10-05-2022 | 2 min read
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Rose Snowstorm Excels on Weddings header - on Thursd

As a wedding florist, I am always looking for the perfect rose to use in my flower arrangements. The Rose Snowstorm+ from breeder Dümmen Orange is the ideal rose to work with for these occasions where everything - location, dress, catering, and flowers - has to be at its very best.

Rose Snowstorm+

This time, I have used the Snowstorm+ rose for a wedding exhibition. I find it a very pleasant rose.

I have used the Snowstorm+ rose along with other flowers in some light pink tones to dress up a ceremony arch at this wedding fair. The result is astounding. This white rose stands out beautifully. By folding the outer leaves of this rose outwards you get extra volume and a playful effect.

Just because it is so strong, this romantic white rose can be used both indoors and outdoors in the sun.


Rose Snowstorm Wedding Exhibition - Brides on Thursd

Spot the bride. Perhaps all five?


Excelling on Weddings

Also because the Snowstorm+ rose has a thick head, it is a real eye-catcher in your flower arrangement. The rose opens easily, elegantly, and fully, putting a smile on the face of not only me, but also of the many visitors to the wedding fair.

The visitors who came to see my bridal arch were very positive about this white rose. I am sure it will make any romantic event and setting excel. A no-worries rose that does the job for you.

Rose Snowstorm+ is so effulgent it has to be careful not to become the main attraction at a wedding. After all, this event is still centered around two persons who get married and this white rose is merely a mood maker. One with class, that's for sure!


The Next Big White Rose From Africa

Rose Snowstorm+ was introduced in 2021 by breeder Dümmen Orange and has already proven itself to the world of florists and event planners. Top Kenyan growers like Kisima, Ol-Njorowa, and Rift Valley Roses are committed to making Snowstorm+ the next big white rose from Africa.


Rose Snowstorm Wedding Arch on Thursd



Banner Dümmen Orange Rose Snowstorm+ 2021-01




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