The Amazing Decofresh Roses - From Yellow to Red

The journey starts with making real what's in your head. And I think that's the most incredible thing about our job. We make it happen.

By: LISA-MARIA THALMAYR | 20-10-2021 | 3 min read
Floral Designers Roses

Working in Layers as Positive Selfish Actions

Working in Layers is my way to work. I start from a minimal setting and add a layer, and one more flower. And in further steps, I also take things away. I do that when if it feels 'too much’. This also helps me to not overthink. I see this as positive selfish actions in the design process. To be able to just flow with the design, and not think too much about the outcome. Because the process is what it is about to grow in my art. We have so many techniques and construction guidelines in our head, that after we learned and proofed, the way to be happy with what we do is to be able to feel the action.   Roses in red of Decofresh by Lis Art - article on Thursd.  

Rose Heart of Gold: Blow Up the Volume

Techniques I use for opening up the roses feel as they have this meditating flow on them. With the idea of making them more natural. It's a funny thing that floral designers always are drawn to go back to a natural idea. In the end, most of the creations bring us back to nature, to a state of nature. Whether it is full bloom, flourish, or perishability. You cannot work without the connection to rich nature.  
Roses Heart of Gold
Rose Heart of Gold
  As in the process we go with full bloom. So we want to open the roses and let them shine their light. Let them be the most possible beauteousness. So we create a stage for each flower and put them in the best spotlight. This is for me a way to also honor each and every flower, that was grown and cultivated with so much work.

Redd-ish Roses: You Like a Good Contrast, You Are Welcome

The thing with a perfect rose is, you need nothing else to add. Just the rose and a lot of it. Often we think too much, do too much, add too much. We add and add and then come back to where we started, but if we do, then this is the progress to go. The Finish will be the same. It is about the way to go, as they say.  
Roses: Red Lion, Ever Red, and Explorer Roses: Ever Red, Explorer
, and Red Lion
  When we go with straight designs we want to have a big impact on the outcome. If it is the background, the surrounding, or just a contrast in between the arrangement. All about that Wow Effect, that blows you away the moment you look at it.  
Decofresh Roses: Red Lion, Ever Red, and Explorer Roses: Ever Red, Explorer
, and Red Lion

Orange Springs: Rose Effects Bring Emotions

We are constantly looking for more. As we do in our life, we do in our designs. So finding new things or even putting things in new ways, is hard. We all know that. Because there is so much out in the world.   So we as Artist, we have to balance. The load of ideas that stroll through our head every day and also what about is new, what of this we saw and want to create in our own way. What is the thing we want to create? Which flower, which color. Some days it is easy. Just have that one idea, you just go for it. Other days not. Mostly I like to just be quiet. Be on my own, stroll. Have a good talk, read. And then it hits me and the idea is in my head. But that isn't the end of the progress. This is just the begging.   Roses Orange SPrings Decofresh by Lis Art - article on Thursd.   The journey starts with making real what's in your head. And I think that's the most incredible thing about our job. We make it happen.
Lisa-Maria Thalmayr

Lisa-Maria Thalmayr is an artist and international floral designer based in Salzburg, Austria. Her work is inspired and influenced by nature. With her trade LIS ART, she's working in various fields. She is teaching students on their way to becoming floral designers.


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