The Bouquet Pendulaire - My Design With Alstroemerias

Watch my thee-minute video tutorial on how to make an amazing bridal design with these inca lilies.

By: GAÉTAN JACQUET | 08-03-2023 | 2 min read
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I have my own platform Damu on which I teach how to make easy yet original floral designs. Today I have the opportunity to create a bridal bouquet with alstroemerias from Dutch grower Tesselaar Alstroemeria. I hope you like it!

Alstroemerias in a Bridal Bouquet

Alstroemerias are perfect for wedding designs because the flowers are beautiful when they are open, they're strong, and stay perfect for a long time. Alstros come in many colors, so there is always a tint that matches the dress or style of your wedding arrangements. So, here we go.

The Video Tutorial

Below, I will demonstrate how to make a Bouquet Pendulaire in a three-minute tutorial video. Be sure to turn up the volume for a nice French musical atmosphere:



Did this go too fast? I know. It's not easy to create a design in just over three minutes. The advantage of an online video is, that you can watch it over and over again. Still, allow me to explain a little bit more below what I exactly did and what materials I used.

How I Created My Bouquet Pendulaire

A bouquet does not necessarily have to be a bunch of flowers that you hold in your hand. The word 'bouquet' literally means 'A small cluster or arrangement of flowers'. So, that is what I am creating: a cluster of flowers tied into lanes of rope.

For the preparation, I need wooden balls, bamboo sticks, a large spindle with thick pink rope, flora tape stem wrap, and a glue gun with floral glue.


Alstroemeria pendulum balls
I used these small and big wooden balls


It is important to measure around fifty stretches of rope to the right size, about a meter and a half, leaving space to cut it. The middle of the rope is then tied to the bamboo stick with the flora tape stem wrap.

I have these wooden balls in different sizes that I firmly glue to both ends of the wrapped bamboo stick and to the end of the ropes.


Finishing Touch With the Alstroemerias

Here's where the alstroemerias come in. For this design, I have found three beautiful varieties from Tesselaar Alstroemeria: the soft pink Stephanie, the clear white Mistral, and the salmon-colored Estee.

I have cut the flowers really short, so I can fix them to the rope with the floral glue. I use the three different flower colors to create a gradient pendulum, from light to dark. It is quite an extensive job, but the end result is worth the effort, don't you think?

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and found out that alstroemerias can be a perfect choice for any design.


Gaétan Jacquet Alstroemeria pendulaire tutorial
Voilà! My Bouquet Pendulaire with alstroemerias


The flowers featured in this tutorial are Alstroemeria Stephanie, Alstroemeria Mistral, and Alstroemeria Estee. These varieties and more are grown in the Netherlands by Tesselaar Alstroemeria. Video & Photography by Nicolas Manzoni from GraféO. Watch more tutorials on Damu.


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