The Digital Blossoming of Lisa Casta

The Perfect Connector in the Digital Age.

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 28-02-2024 | 2 min read
Lisa Casta

Lisa Casta, originally hailing from Sweden and a resident of the Netherlands for 19 years, has carved a niche for herself in the flower industry. Her career took off as an account manager for the Scandinavian market at trader Hukra BV at the flower auction in Aalsmeer, thriving on personal interactions and the dynamics of the auction. However, four years ago, amidst the shadows of the coronavirus pandemic, Casta started a new journey. She embraced social media and online marketing, along with purchasing and sales support, channeling her passion towards promoting the trade in flowers and plants.

Lisa Casta Took Unexpected Turn

As Casta was finding her footing in this new direction, the world was engulfed by the coronavirus pandemic. It was a time when flowers and plants were being discarded by growers and at auctions en masse. Yet, in these uncertain times, her timing proved to be serendipitously perfect. With the world at a standstill and travel nearly impossible, her business found a thriving space in the digital world. This shift presented a unique opportunity to keep clients updated on the assortment and reach new customers, leading to steady growth for her business.


Lisa Casta
Lisa Casta


Lisa Is the Perfect Connector in the Digital Age

In her role supporting purchasing and sales, Casta makes weekly visits to various growers. These visits allow her to create unique 'reels' that narrate the growers' stories. She holds a strong conviction in the importance of showcasing these narratives to the flower and plant industry, wholesalers, florists, and consumers alike. Delving into the range and unearthing new varieties hitting the market becomes a fascinating journey through her lens.


Lisa Casta with scented roses


The Passion of Growers Is What Makes Lisa Tik

What renders Casta's work uniquely special is the chance to meet individuals deeply passionate about their craft. The enthusiasm displayed by growers when discussing their crops and the meticulous care they invest in is not only inspiring but enlightening. These interactions not only offer a glimpse into the market dynamics but also reinforce Casta's role in bridging the gap between growers and the purchasing and sales processes.


Lisa Casta at Borst Bloembollen
Lisa Casta at  grower Borst Bloembollen


The narrative of Lisa Casta in the flower industry is a testament to resilience, innovation, and passion. By leveraging the digital world, she has crafted a platform where the beauty and diligent work of growers are shared with an expansive audience. The journey is far from concluded, and she is eager to continue telling the stories of growers and building connections within the vibrant floriculture sector.

You can find Lisa on Instagram here: @l.casta

Lisa Casta at Seringen

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