The Star of the St. Petersburg Flower Festival

210,000 people saw Pina Colada at the parade

By: NATASJA MIRONOVA | 11-11-2020 | 2 min read

Pina Colada Well Represented

Pina Colada, a variety of chrysanthemums from Dümmen Orange, was the star of the St. Petersburg Flower Festival in August 2020. With more than 4,000 stems, chrysant Pina Colada and Pina Colada Yellow were well represented. Professionals from the flower world, lovers of flower arrangements, and the general public have been able to get to know one of the high-quality products from Dümmen Orange.   The Star of the St. Petersburg Flower Festival

Sobolj Is the Link

Sobolj is the connecting link to Russia for Dümmen Orange. With know-how and years of experience, we are always able to find a suitable approach to bring flowers to the attention of the Russian market. I think that it's about always looking at the flowers, the producers, the traders, florists, and consumers with a new, fresh look, and then coming up with a way to connect it all.  

A Lot of Attention in Russia

When it turned out that this Flower Festival - an important event for the flower sector in Russia - could also take place in 2020, it offered a wonderful platform to present Pina Colada. Professionals competed to show their creativity with Pina Colada, and at the same time, a large audience of more than 210,000 people came to watch the parade with colorful floats. In addition, local, regional, and also national media in Russia paid a lot of attention to the event.  

Young Talented Florists

Teams of experienced and young talented florists have used Pina Colada to decorate floats. The majority of the 4,000 stems were used to decorate the Dutch float, but the other vehicles also used Pina Colada stems to depict Russian fairytales, among other things. In this way, professionals could get to know this chrysant. They were enthusiastic about the quality, shelf life, and ease of working with this product.   The Star of the St. Petersburg Flower Festival

Bringing Pina Colada to the Far Corners of Russia

With photography and video clips made by Sobolj, supplemented with interviews with florists and festival organizers, a campaign could then be conducted via social media such as Vkontakte (Russian Facebook), Instagram, and YouTube to bring Pina Colada to the far corners of Russia, and Russian-speaking countries. By linking the product to an event and linking it to a media campaign, success can be achieved to increase the popularity of Pina Colada.   The Star of the St. Petersburg Flower Festival

Young Talented Florists

This approach brings the already popular chrysanthemum to the attention in Russia in an appealing way, with a leading role for Pina Colada. The broad approach reaches the trade, florists, and floral arrangers as well as the end customer. Pina Colada actually tells its own story by putting it in context, creating good visualizations, and distributing it wisely. It is precisely this approach that stimulates the experience of consumers. This can lead to an increase in demand for the product. That is only to the benefit of all involved: from producer to consumer.  

The Star of the St. Petersburg Flower Festival Natasja Mironova (Sobolj) and Roy van Kester (Dümmen Orange
) with the white Pina Colada
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Natasja Mironova

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