Visiting Breeder Ball SB in Kenya

It was inspiring to witness their passion and commitment to continuously develop a wide range of mutually-benefiting colors and shapes for the floral community.

By: ROSEMARY KIMUNYA | 15-05-2024 | 2 min read
Cut Flowers
Ball SB

During my recent visit to the Ball SB Trial Station and R&D Center here in Kenya, I had an opportunity to explore their various summer flowers and fillers. In today's market, growers are encouraged to add value by offering fully arranged bouquets rather than just plain cuts. Ball, as a leading breeder, propagator, and distributor, is turning this vision into reality by offering variety in color, texture, and the versatility that comes with great fillers for flower arrangements.

Novelties and New Introductions From Ball SB

One flower that caught my eye was the Matricaria Vegmo Series. Its simplicity button like appearance has the power to elevate any bouquet, giving it a touch of class and femininity. This bee-loving flower is a true definition of good things that come in smaller packages.


Ball SB
Mildred of Ball Kenya admiring her Dahlia Red Stone and her Matricarias


Every bouquet needs a dash of green, and the Dianthus Punky Ball delivers just that and then some more. With its strong and long stems, it promises longer vase life qualities.


Ball SB
The beauty of Limonium Silver


Another standout filler was the Gysophila Polar Bear. True to its name, the white sprays clustered densely on the stem resemble a cozy bear thriving in a snowy landscape. Its adaptability shows that it can be used as a filler and also on its own to create beautiful arrangements that give a floating cloud impression, making it perfect for elegant events like weddings and baby showers.


Ball SB
Gypsophila Polar Bear


Limonium Sinzii is capturing the hearts of floral enthusiasts worldwide. Its unique qualities make it a great choice for both bouquets and solid bunches, offering many possibilities for creative arrangements. One of its notable features is its ability to retain the original color even when dried, ensuring its beauty lasts longer.

Ball SB Will Be at the IFTEX 2024

Meanwhile, While Ball SB is making great strides in the floral industry with its array of varieties, including the beloved Mathiola Iron and Katz series, as well as the ever-beautiful Dahlias, their commitment doesn't stop there. They are dedicated to meeting the growing commercial demands of growers through continuous research and innovation.


Ball SB
Mildred holding one of their Dahlia varieties, named Moonstone


As anticipation builds for the upcoming IFTEX show, next month where industry leaders gather to showcase their latest offerings, Ball SB will also be participating to showcase their latest novelties!


Ball SB
Dianthus Punky Ball


Plan to visit them at booth C2.02 and review some of the amazing summer flowers they have within their portfolio.


Ball banner

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