A Visit to CoasTulip - Marc Duin's Tulip Haven

Located against the backdrop of Heemskerk's sand dunes at the North sea, CoasTulip benefits from nutrient-rich sandy soil, intensifying tulip colors and yielding heavier blooms.

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 06-03-2024 | 3 min read

Again a brand new floral adventure, I recently had the pleasure of visiting Marc Duin, one of the esteemed CoasTulip growers, at his impressive tulip farm. Nestled among the scenic landscapes of Heemskerk, close to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Marc's passion for tulips radiated through every flower, offering a glimpse into the passion and dedication behind CoasTulip.

Five Companies, One Vision

CoasTulip represents a union of five companies dedicated to cultivating top-quality tulips with much passion and craftsmanship. Sharing the same vision on how to grow, and sell tulips.

The CoasTulip Growers:

Marc, from the A & L Duin Company, alongside his fellow growers, strives for excellence in every flower, ensuring that CoasTulip tulips are a testament to superior quality.

Here, you can see a reel of my visit to CoasTulip:



At CoasTulip, the cultivation process is meticulously curated to perfection. Before planting, the soil undergoes steam treatment, reaching temperatures of 90 degrees to eliminate any diseases or fungi, laying the ideal foundation for optimal growth. From October to early December, tulips are planted in the open ground, allowing them to root deeply and thrive. The flowers are then attentively harvested from January to May, ensuring each tulip flower is nurtured with utmost care.

A Rich History of Collaboration at CoasTulip

The journey of CoasTulip began seven years ago when tulip growers from Heemskerk convened in Erwin de Wit's barn. Discussions on collaboration ensued, leading to the formation of CoasTulip, with five growers joining forces to enhance visibility and marketing efforts. Marc takes pride in CoasTulip's robust reputation, built upon a foundation of exceptional quality of the tulip flowers, and meticulous hand-harvesting.

Located against the backdrop of Heemskerk's sand dunes at the North sea, CoasTulip benefits from nutrient-rich sandy soil, intensifying tulip colors and yielding heavier blooms.




CoasTulip Is Innovating Through Variety With Distinctive Qualities

CoasTulip's commitment to innovation extends to its diverse selection of tulip varieties. Through partnerships with breeders and visits to trade shows, CoasTulip continually introduces new varieties, ensuring a very wide and special assortment of tulips each season. With around 100 varieties available from January to April, CoasTulip captivates flower designers with a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes.

CoasTulip Guarantees:

Praise from the Trade and Florists

The trade and florists alike hold CoasTulip in high regard, appreciating the consistent quality and special selection. With their focus on heavy quality, CoasTulip tulips stand out in floral arrangements, allowing florists to distinguish themselves from mass-market offerings.

Marc's personal favorite, the Tulip Spain, epitomizes the essence of spring with its full blooms and stunning yellow and red hues, bringing a touch of seasonal joy to any setting.




Navigating Challenges with Optimism

Despite facing challenges such as government regulations and energy transitions, Marc remains hopeful for the future. As CoasTulip continues to bloom and flourish, he anticipates overcoming obstacles with resilience and determination, ensuring that the beauty of tulips continues to brighten lives.

After leaving, and riding back from this tulip haven, I carry with me a newfound appreciation for the passion and dedication embedded within every CoasTulip flower. Their commitment to excellence is impressive, and I am sure to the benefit of our wonderful flower industry! It adds to the enduring allure of tulips and is enriching our lives with color, fragrance, and joy.


Marc Duin of CoasTulip
Marc Duin
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