Visiting Santini Heaven

When I look to the future, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, fostering a world where beauty and sustainability flower together.

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 14-02-2024 | 3 min read
Juliska LS Santini

Hello again, my fellow flower enthusiasts and industry insiders! Today, I have the privilege of sharing the inspiring story of LS Santini, an amazing grower of quality chrysants. When you talk about the Santinis of 'De Landscheiding', the former name of the company, you also talk about sustainability, diversity, and continuity. And Juliska, of course!

Let's have a look into this blooming enterprise, guided by the passion and dedication of Juliska van der Breggen, who oversees marketing, sales, and finance at LS Santini.

The Pillars of Excellence at LS Santini

For over thirty years, the family-owned LS Santini has been cultivating daily fresh Santini chrysants across their nursery in Bleiswijk. With a steadfast commitment to high-quality standards, their cultivation process is an example of sustainability, quality, diversity, and continuity.

Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every stem harvested is the exact flower stage their customers want, uniform, and 100% usable, embodying the pinnacle of quality that LS Santini is known for. Sold in the distinctive LS Santini sleeve, their products are a symbol of excellence and are recognized by florists and traders in the floral world.


LED lights in the greenhouse
LED lights in the greenhouse.


The History of LS Santini

The story of LS Santini began with Wilco Hofman, who ventured into the cultivation of chrysanthemums at the age of 19. From purchasing his first nursery in 1985 to establishing LS Santini in Bleiswijk in 1989, Wilco's career is a narrative of love, hard work, and legacy. Today, with a modernized facility, LS Santini stands as an example to the Hofman family's enduring passion for chrysanthemums, a legacy now shared with his daughter Juliska.



LS Santini Collaborates With the Best Breeders

Their pursuit of excellence is fueled by their collaboration with leading breeders like Floritec, Dümmen Orange, and Royal Van Zanten. This partnership is rooted in a mutual commitment to enhancing the Santini assortment through innovation, honesty, and reliability, aiming for solutions that resonate with nature and customers alike.


Santini 'Sira' of Royal van Zanten
The white Santini Sira from breeder Royal Van Zanten and prize-winning lilac/fuchsia Santini Miri from Dümmen Orange


The Pride of LS Santini?

What sets LS Santini apart is not just their commitment to producing high-quality flowers, but they want to do this without the use of synthetic fertilizers. They are also dedicated to natural composting methods that respect and enrich the soil's natural life. The family-driven approach, with father and brother Leon deeply involved, resonates deep within this nursery's culture. It seems like a nice place to work.

Their unique hand-harvesting method ensures that only those stems that have the exact right flower stage reach the customers, making sure that the flowers have an excellent vase life, but also maintaining product uniformity. This meticulous process reflects the dedication to excellence.

Everyone involved emphasizes a natural and chemical-free cultivation process, showcasing a deep pride in maintaining a harmonious balance with nature.

LS Santini Is Valued by Traders and Florists Alike

The trade appreciates their high-quality, unique varieties, and niche offerings, while florists adore santinis for their durability and the care that has been taken in minimizing damage during transport. The Santini Miri, with its unique spoon-shaped lilac/fuchsia blooms, is a particular favorite, having won the Glazen Tulp 2023 public prize.

Challenges and Aspirations for LS Santini

Juliska explained to me that they are continuously innovating:

As we embrace natural inclusive cultivation, we encounter challenges and learning opportunities, particularly in biological pest control. Yet, our commitment to a more natural approach remains unwavering, driven by a vision for a future where our assortment, including a potential large-flowered Santini Pompom series, continues to expand and thrive in harmony with nature.

In closing, the nursery of Santini chrysanth named LS Santini is a vivid portrayal of passion, innovation, and a deep-rooted respect for nature. When I look to the future, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, fostering a world where beauty and sustainability flower together.


Juliska of De Landscheiding

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