Visiting the Right Choice in Alstroemeria

When buying Alstroemerias, there's only one choice, and that is the right choice.

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 10-01-2024 | 3 min read
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Tesselaar Alstroemeria

This time I step into the alstroemeria world at Tesselaar Alstroemeria in Luttelgeest; a leading grower not only when it comes to growing high-quality flowers, but also when it comes to front running on sustainability initiatives. A nursery where dedication to sustainability and marketing innovation come together under the passionate co-leadership of Karolien Tesselaar, also known as Miss Alstroemeria.

Tesselaar Is a Pioneer in Alstroemeria Cultivation

At the helm of Tesselaar Alstroemeria is Karolien Tesselaar, alongside her husband Rick Tesselaar and Joost Möhlman. With 10(!) hectares dedicated to alstroemeria cultivation, they grow a remarkable assortment of 17 types. Karolien focuses on marketing and sustainability, striving towards a cultivation process with zero negative environmental impact, whilst making sure the people working at the nursery, and the people around, are taken care of as well. 

Tesselaar Alstroemeria is seen by many as an example for the industry.

Since its start in 1989 with just 2 hectares, Tesselaar Alstroemeria has grown to become the largest alstroemeria greenhouse in Europe, spread across three locations. The team's commitment isn't just about meeting sustainability standards; it's about a genuine desire to minimize environmental impact, constantly seeking ways to improve their methods and move towards 100% organic cultivation.



From their 100% recycled plastic plant sleeves to sustainable procurement practices, every aspect of their operation reflects this commitment. It is the intrinsic motivation of the Tesselaar team and their employees that truly embodies their approach to sustainability. They see themselves as more than 'just growers'.

Alstroemeria Ranges for Every Purpose

Tesselaar collaborates with breeders like HilverdaFlorist, Royal Van Zanten, and Könst Alstroemeria to constantly explore and introduce new alstroemeria varieties. As you have read above, they are particularly proud of their sustainable practices, but the cultivation of a unique assortment in different ranges is what sets them truly apart. There's a choice for everyone. From the high-quality 80 grams of flowers to flowers for everyday use, Tesselaar has it.

To show this, Tesselaar has introduced four new labels, each tailored for specific customer segments. These include

Alstro Special is truly special. The name says it! For the first time in alstroemeria history, it is possible to order alstros with open flowers. Because the flowers have been growing for longer on the plants, they are even a bit heavier and larger. Perfect to use instantly when you have an event or other special occasion that needs ripe flowers.


Tesselaar banner

You can see that at Tesselaar, harvesting alstroemeria involves a precise order, with three locations contributing to a consistent output in terms of quantity and ripeness. To deliver the flowers in one of four categories. Their harvesting and packing process ensures a constant supply of high-quality, ripe flowers, reflecting their commitment to excellence.


Worker at Tesselaar Alstroemeria
Tesselaar is front-running in the industry, also with led lightning.


Future-Proof With a Sustainable Vision

The trade has enthusiastically received Tesselaar's new labels, as showcased at the latest Trade Fair. Florists praise the quality and longevity of Tesselaar's alstros, with Alstroemeria Rome being a particular favorite.

While striving for organic cultivation, Tesselaar faces challenges with two pests that are difficult to control naturally. However, the team remains optimistic about the future of Alstroemeria, a plant originally low in energy consumption, with significant market potential.

As I finish my exploration of Tesselaar in Luttelgeest, it's clear that this nursery is not just growing alstroemerias; it's nurturing a vision where beautiful flowers and environmental responsibility coexist harmoniously. With hopes to soon achieve 100% organic cultivation over their 10 hectares, Tesselaar Alstroemeria stands as a beacon of sustainable floriculture, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of flowers.


100% recycled sleeves of Tesselaar Alstroemeria
100% recycled plastic sleeves 


The Right Choice

I can only conclude that, when buying alstroemerias, there's only one choice, and that is the right choice. Choose Tesselaar Alstroemeria.


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