10 Questions to Sahid Nahim, Founder, and CEO at New Blooms Solutions

Remind yourself that "this too shall pass" and try to live and enjoy the present moment, while staying optimistic for a better tomorrow.

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10 Questions to Sahid Nahim

For the love of the floral industry's progress and continuous innovations, Sahid Nahim has dedicated his twenty years to the industry through the introduction of revolutionary innovations. Through his five-year-old company New Blooms Solutions, Nahim has partnered with every player in the floral chain to transform their brand outlook, marketing strategies, and positioning, especially for those keen on penetrating the USA market.

Dive into this insightful piece, 10 questions to Sahid Nahim, and get to learn about who he finds inspiration in the industry, including his approach to work-life balance and dealing with stressful moments.

Question 1

For those who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

"Hello, I'm Sahid Nahim, host of The Bloom Show and President of New Bloom Solutions, a business services agency dedicated to the flower industry. As we celebrate our fifth year in business, I reflect on my twenty years of experience in the floral industry with gratitude. I am passionate about fostering innovation, connections, collaboration, community and growth within this vibrant floral industry and am thankful for the team, network, partners and community we have built over the last five years and most importantly for the last two decades."


10 Questions to Sahid Nahim
Sahid Nahim, Founder and CEO at New Blooms Solutions


Question 2

What is so special about your job?

"What makes my job special is its foundation in the floral industry, a sector that plays a significant role in people's lives. I take great pleasure in facilitating connections between individuals and services — who, without my intervention, might never have crossed paths, yet have the potential to bring immense value to one another and to the industry.

Moreover, introducing innovative products and services to our community of florists, wholesalers, and distributors, thereby enhancing their businesses, is another aspect I cherish. Witnessing a wholesale client who was initially hesitant to embrace innovation embark on a journey with a new website and marketing, and then achieve growth in their business, or help an international floral grower or services business to enter into the U.S. and flourish quicker than normal due to our community, is very rewarding.

At the heart of it, I am passionate about connecting people and assisting them in flourishing within our floral industry. It's gratifying to see how a small ripple of change can evolve into a wave of progress and growth for the entire floral sector."

Question 3

Are there any specific challenges or obstacles you’ve faced in your job, and how did you overcome them?

"Owning a start-up business is inherently challenging. I've managed to navigate these challenges by implementing structured systems, processes, and SOPs for my team, which has been crucial in supporting the entire business.I have also found great mentors within the technology, finance and floral sectors. Another obstacle is continuously finding ways to innovate and grow without overextending ourselves. My decisions are guided by their potential impact on our business and the floral community over the next five to ten years.

Innovation is rapid, and to foster growth in our industry, we must persistently innovate and add value to our customers and community. I once heard it said that to build a community, you can't just be there when it's convenient; you have to be there for them all the time. This principle guides my approach to business and building a floral community."


10 Questions to Sahid Nahim
Sahid Nahim with team Thursd at the IFTF exhibition


Question 4

What are the threats in the industry, and if so, do you have any solutions for them?

"I believe this has always been a threat, which was more pronounced before COVID but is reemerging, is complacency. The adage "Don't fix it if it ain't broke" can be a significant vulnerability for any industry. Sometimes, success can be an industry's or a business's worst enemy, as it may lead to a lack of motivation to improve, scale or innovate = stagnation. We have witnessed numerous companies rise and fall, with a large proportion being those that adopted this mindset.

The outdated belief that the first to innovate will always lead is no longer valid, as rapid advancements in technology and innovation can quickly enhance an initial idea. The modern perspective is that it's not about who does something first, but rather who improves and innovates it last. While I may not have all the answers, I will continue to highlight new innovations,facilitate collaboration and highlight new leaders in our industry to contribute my part."


10 Questions to Sahid Nahim
Sahid Nahim during a press tour organized by Rio Bouquets and Rosamina Farms


Question 5

How has technology like e-commerce platforms or digital marketing affected your industry, which strategies have you employed to stay competitive?

"About 10-12 years ago, websites and e-commerce quietly revolutionized the floral industry, increasing both the awareness and purchase of flowers. The ease of social media has further improved our industry by providing access to trends and designs. Previously, the industry relied on wire services to predict trends for holidays, but now we turn to Instagram to hear directly from consumers and designers alike. Platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram have made it easier to add value to our floral communities and customers, significantly contributing to our success and allowing us to stay connected with them.

We supported our wholesale, growers and distributor companies by providing website design services that accommodate their limitations, allowing them to scale their business and connect with new potential customers they might never have reached before. E-commerce and websites are technology that has become increasingly essential to our industry throughout all sectors. Every sector needs it, whether it's a wholesaler making access to flowers easier for florists or farms finding more importer customers or supermarkets. We've witnessed incredible growth in technology, and all our industry needs to do is embrace it without fear and with intention- there are risks in everything but you will certainly lose out if you do not act and improve antiquated systems."


10 Questions to Sahid Nahim
Sahid Nahim visiting the booth of Komet Sales during the SAF convention


Question 6

Who (in or outside the floral industry) is an inspiring example to you? And Why?

"My list of people who have inspired me, especially in startups and pioneers, is extensive. For example, Corrine Heck of Details Flowers amazed me with her early innovation and drive. Alejandro Pérez of Komet Sales turned an idea into a successful enterprise. Arnold Wittkamp consistently brings innovation to the table. Willie Armellini's blog is and was a pioneering source of information and media in the floral industry. J Schwanke has inspired many in our sector as a pioneer influencer. Liza Roeser introduced the first DIY e-commerce website to our industry, and Joey Azout of Alexandra Farms popularized garden roses, defying expectations.

Eli Perez of Splendor Protea achieved what many said was impossible in making proteas his primary crop. The list is endless, with too many to mention. I'm inspired by anyone who takes risks to improve our industry and pioneers new paths. The entrepreneurial journey is very challenging, especially for innovators, trailblazers, and visionaries, especially in an industry sometimes too comfortable with the status quo. I'm grateful to everyone I've mentioned and those I haven't, who have paved the way for people like me and inspired us to believe that achieving our dreams and helping the industry to innovate, connect, and bloom is very possible."

Question 7

How do you handle stress or difficult moments in your life?

"To manage stress and maintain balance, I practice meditation, exercise, jog, and do affirmations in the morning. I also believe in taking at most five weeks of vacation each year. While I may not always achieve it, I consistently aim for it. Admittedly, most of my vacations tend to turn into workcations, but I'm actively working on empowering my team and refining our systems and SOPs to allow for a system that is reliable and allows for more flexibility and work life balance for all involved.

Having a hobby is also beneficial. In stressful times, I remind myself that "this too shall pass" and try to focus on the power of the present moment. Stress is a reality, especially in the flower industry, but it's how you recover and move forward that counts the most. Just like a diamond, it's the pressure that transforms it into something beautiful.”


10 Questions to Sahid Nahim
Sahid Nahim at Armellini Express Lines at the SAF Convention


Question 8

What has been the best (floral or non-floral) news for you lately, or of the last year?

"We had a fantastic evening at the 4th annual Bloom Together event during the first day of the first day of WF&FSA in Miami. A big thank you to everyone who volunteered, contributed, and supported in countless ways. The energy of community and collaboration was palpable and heartwarming, as always.

We are excited for the event video to come out soon and to recognize all the individuals and companies that made it possible. Let's keep spreading positivity and coming together to make a difference!"


10 Questions to Sahid Nahim
Selfie moment at the Bloom Show


Question 9

Which is your favorite flower and why?

"My favorite flower is the peony, a choice inspired by both my mother and my wife, who adored it. I am captivated by its modest ball-like bud, which, upon blooming, reveals a breathtaking display of petals and releases a heavenly scent."


10 Questions to Sahid Nahim


Question 10

What are you doing this weekend?

"I'm currently gathering with friends who have flown in from various parts of the world to attend The Bloom Together Event, an annual gathering that I host. We're headed to the beach for some relaxation. I'm taking it easy because tomorrow, I'll be hosting 350 attendees and 57 collaborating companies for our charitable event, which takes four months to put together. So this weekend, I'm recharging my batteries for an amazing evening on Monday."


Pictures by @Sahid Nahim.



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